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Weight Loss Challenges + Cycle Syncing

Before you try another diet trend or challenge (I'm looking at you Whole 30 + 75 HARD)...I want to drop you with some truth bombs about how it could be HINDERING your results. I was the QUEEN of health and fitness challenges. Heck, I made a six figure biz off of them in several years back However the problem was, I could NOT keep my results or habits 'going' in the time between the challenges. And it sucked. My weight fluctuated. My confidence was often lost. And worst of all I thought something was WRONG with me because I couldn't 'keep up'.


Here is why women struggle to stick to health and fitness challenges:

  1. They are too restrictive: you aren't ever going to get to your most confident self when you restrict the fuck out of your way to a certain 'look'. In my 10 years in the health and fitness space I've found that if you can't follow habit while you're traveling (for the most part) then you probably won't keep up with it at home either. Set yourself up for success by implementing habits that can be lived out anywhere.

  2. They are 'one size fits all': if you are a mom of 2 who is in her menstruating years you should NOT be following the same fitness or nutrition plan as a 26 year old bro who has an hour to kill at the gym. One size fits all fitness regimens or nutrition suggestions aren't factoring in the very thing that has MUCH influence over your results: your cycle.

  3. They go against your cycle: let me guess, you tried to follow the Whole 30 or 75 Hard and found that some weeks were easier than others. You could eat all the foods and eliminate sugar for several days but then a chocolate gremlin invaded your body and you can no longer do that second workout of the day thats required of the challenge. You tell yourself it's YOUR fault. But it's not.

👏🏻There are parts of your cycle that requires MORE calories and carbs because your metabolism is revved up--that must be accounted for.

👏🏻There are times in your cycle where overexercising could lead to fat storage-- that must be accounted for.

So what's a menstruating woman to do when she WANTS results AND to be held ACCOUNTABLE?!

The 28 SYNC is my signature accountability challenge for cycle syncing.

Each day you will aspire to achieve 5 HABITS, that when done will support your hormones, cycle, weight loss and overall health.

Think of it like the 75 HARD but without the scare tactics, restriction or short term results.

This challenge will build momentum in the habits that give you RESULTS

and it will feel EFFORTLESS to be consistent with these habits because they support your cycle + it's 4 phases.

Not to mention there is POWER to doing a 28 day challenge with a group of women with similar goals in minds.

oh, and did I mention this offer starts at just $28?!?! (no brainer babe💸)

MANY women joined this past weekend + we are buzzing inside the group waiting for you to join us!


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