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Taylor Swift Era's + Cycle Syncing.

Is your TikTok feed filled up with Swifties and footage of the Era's Tour or is that just me?

While I'm not a full fledged Swiftie myself (I'm more a fan of Taylor's fans), I have to appreciate their love for this iconic pop star.

Not because she is selling out stadiums and performing for hours in the rain, but when you look at the WORK that has gone into Taylor Swift's career you can't help but think about what level of CONFIDENCE she had to have to make this all happen.

And it got me thinking about how different parts of Taylor's success sync perfectly with the different parts of our cycle

Let's take a look...



Whether you love Taylor or not, her confidence in planning album drops in the most creative way where fans go WILD is a sight to witness. She is dropping all the easter eggs and clues throughout her albums, social media and even concerts.

You can feel these types of super powers coming through in your own life towards the end or after your period is over.


We have seen the proof in the Miss Americana doc on Netflix that Taylor is a hard worker behind the scenes and in the studio. She is focused on the details that make her music unique and isn't afraid to put in the WORK.

Right before your period you'll feel this urge to check off things on your own to-do list and feel hyper focused on the details that matter to you.


Now no shame to Taylor's love life, but we know girlfriend has no problem breaking up with a British dude when it doesn't feel RIGHT. In my dreams she is choosing whether to be with these dudes or not the week of her period (plz break up with Matty from 1975's).

During your period the left and right hemisphere of your brain are communicating clear as ever. You may feel gut reactions around your personal or work life. If it keeps coming up period after period, you should LISTEN to these gut reactions you're having.

I want you to notice: you don't have to embody ALL ERA'S in a single day.

We as women LOVE to put pressure on ourselves to show up the SAME each and every day and that's not how we were designed to work.

Many days you'll be feeling more creative in your cycle while other times you're embracing the BTS details.

All Era's are unique and important but we must give them permission to come at the appropriate time.


I'm in my 1:1 coaching ERA!

It's summer and I am LOVING coaching my clients outside in the mountains + transforming the way they approach their day to day life.

I want you to imagine:

  • having SO much intentionality in how you schedule your day that EVERY day is a f*&%ing VIBE because it syncs with the energy of your cycle.

  • being able to turn OFF from work or other responsibilities thanks to having boundaries that are not only ROCK SOLID, but sync with the different phases of your cycle as well.

  • ELIMINATING mood swings, pre-menstrual migraines, cravings, painful periods, hormonal acne and so much more that we as women were told were 'normal' to experience every month (spoiler: it ain't normal honey!)

And maybe you're thinking: Jac, life is already great. Why should I change what I'm doing?

Honestly, if you're down for settling, do you boo.

But to the woman who is happy and stoked in life BUT ALSO KNOWS SHE IS MADE FOR MORE...let's do this!

You've already made investments in your nutrition, fitness or even business.

But when was the last time you prioritized the ONE thing that controls your mood, energy, motivation and productivity (AKA YOUR CYCLE)?!

Time to let your CYCLE SHINE this summer with 1:1 mentorship.

What it is:

3 or 6 month options (cycle syncing takes more than just a month to see the benefits of) of 1:1 coaching.

This includes a 90 minute Activation call (devising a game plan unique an customized to you), Week Day Voxer support (having me live coach you in your back pocket), Full access to my course catalog (plus any live masterclass or challenges I do during our time together) and Bi-Weekly check in calls.

Who it's for:

Not Your Average Female (non-biz owner) or Menstruating Moguls (biz owners).

How do I learn more:

Because of the intimate nature of this offer, you must apply and then we'll have a 15 min vibe check call (on me) to see if this is the right fit for you, chat pricing and much more.

Limited spots available in my summer era!


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