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Black Friday Hormone MUST HAVES!

Hot take: spend as much money this Black Friday season on shit that will actually IMPROVE your life than just give you temporary joy (but who am I to talk, Skims are calling my name!).

This post is meant to LAY IT ALL OUT when it comes to what you can vote for your dollar with when it comes to hormone friendly products and of course, my programs and offers!

First half is shameless self promotion (hey, you clicked this blog!) and if you keep scrolling, you'll see my fav hormone friendly products and their Black Friday deals you won't want to miss!

Any questions on what would be the right fit for your unique circumstance? Send me a message here and let's figure it out!



All Menstrual Mogul sales are valid from Friday November 24th - Friday December 1st.

For the woman who needs to CUT THE BS:

Imagine having a direct line to your cycle sync fairy godmother (aka the me!). This is a day pass to have live coaching inside of a voice memo app (Voxer) around any topic you're currently struggling with. Women often love this option as a follow up to a course, masterclass or wanting to dip their toes into the cycle sync universe.

What's Included:

-In depth prep form so we can make the most of our time together

-Private Voxer chat you have unlimited replay access to

The Transformation:

-customize cycle sync techniques to your unique lifestyle

-address blind spots that could be draining your results

-breakthroughs galore around your goals whether it be around your business, health or personal life


$97 ONLY.

For the woman who desires MORE TIME:

If you're a female entrepreneur or badass woman who finds herself using the 'I'm too busy' excuse more than she'd like. If you feel like your calendar is running YOU instead of YOU running your calendar, than this is a perfect start in syncing multiple aspects of your life with your cycle. The syncing of your calendar to align with your cycle is the holy grail in experiencing more time and energy.

What's Included:

-Intake form so we can make the most of our time

-60 min call (recording included if requested)

The Transformation:

-making your cycle + it's 4 phases part of your every day calendar

-the ultimate intentionality with your time and energy

-the ability to FINALLY do the projects, habits or hobbies you WANT to be doing

-empowerment to run your calendar instead of having it RUN you


ON SALE FOR $147 ($50 OFF).

For the woman who is ready to say BYE to painful periods & PMS:

If you've looked up 'Cycle Sync' fitness or food on TikTok or Google and have been inundated with info that overwhelms TF out of you, look no further. FYP is the most transformational course for my clients because they see results faster than they realized. PMS is gone. Periods are no longer painful. It's cycle sync magic. ​

What's Included:

- (4) 60 min modules that dive deep into how to track your cycle, what the 4 phases of your cycle are, what the superpowers of each phase are, how to practically take action daily to support your cycle & reframing your mindset around your cycle

-120 days worth of recipes that are 'phase friendly' & include shopping lists

-the Feed Your Phase tracking journal PDF

-Workout calendar suggestions

-Food & Workout cheat sheets

-Media Resource Lists

The Transformation:

-feeling empowered with the choices you're making for your body

-immensely decreasing or eliminating pms and cramps

-realization that lack of consistency wasn't a character flaw of yours, but rather ignoring your cycle

-better energy, stamina, stress relief that you haven't felt before

ON SALE FOR $147 ($50 OFF).

For the female entrepreneur READY to juice up her content AND attract dreamy clients:

Feeling the affects of trying to keep up with all the different social media these days? As a business owner, you know your social is your storefront...yet it feels like you're spreading yourself thing trying to stay consistent with it all. Inside of this 4 week course learn the method of brainstorming, batching, writing and producing content that syncs with your cycle. This course delivers a system to make this a reality as well as boundaries to incorporate around social based on what phase you're in.

BONUS: I have added the Magnetic Marketing Workshop as an extra module to this course. Inside of the Magnetic Marketing Workshop you will learn how to tap into the amazing super powers (tendencies) of the different phases of your cycle so that collectively you can create THE DREAMY AF client you are dying to work with (plus knowing exactly how to speak to them).

What's Included:

-(4) Modules covering: breakdown of tracking where you are in your cycle & the 4 phases; how to CREATE content with the 4 phases; showing up on STORIES with the 4 phases; boundaries around social media for hormonal harmony & less stress; how to handle & optimize VIRALITY

-the Sync Your Social signature calendar

-Magnetic Marketing Workshop (110 minutes masterclass) with Canva templates for Ideal Client Bible

The Transformation:

-knowing exactly what to do for your social media strategy using your cycle as a compass

-being able to post and ghost during the less creative phases of your cycle

-feeling so prepared when it comes to your marketing

-speaking directly to the people you want to serve instead of speaking to to 'no one'

ON SALE FOR $127 ($97 OFF).



*Full transparency: all of these products include an affiliate link I have with them. However, I DO pay full price for my own products because I love and would use them anyways :)

*the Black Friday details of these products will be updated before the sale goes LIVE!

You know how the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding put Windex on everything to help make it better? Yeah, that's me with Branch Basics. In addition to health habits, the next thing I have clients look at is the cleaners they are using in their homes. Most household cleaners (that you're using daily and touch your skin on the reg) include endocrine disruptors. In short = they're fucking up your hormones!

Branch Basics is woman/mama founded and LITERALLY can be used as a EVERYTHING cleaner in your household (that's hormone safe!). I use it for: make up brush cleaner, fruit and veggie cleaner, hand soap, bathroom cleaner, rug cleaner, all purpose cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent when I travel, window cleaner and so much more!

Black Friday Deal: TBD (usually 20% off)

Organic Olivia

If you've followed me for any time or taken any of my courses you know I am OBSESSED with all things OO! She is an herbalist that creates formulas rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and SO many of her supplements are helpful to your hormones (in addition to the cycle sync habits I teach!). She only does ONE BIG SALE each year for Black Friday, so don't miss out on this one and be sure to use my links for some of my favorites:

Liver Juice: to help with PMS, excess hormone elimination and just living in 2023 (put in water with lemon!)

Flow Balance: full of herbs to help promote more regular cycles and hormonal harmony (I use this every day, 3x a day)

ThyroPro: blend of herbs that help support thyroid health

GlucoBitters: me and my clients all threw out our apple cider vinegar and bought this instead to help with blood sugar stabilization

Adrenal Recovery: must have for those going through or living in stressful life situations

Or browse the site (they have so much good information on there) using my SHOP ALL link

Black Friday Deal: 20-30% off

Dashing Diva

Ok, not sure this is 'hormone friendly' except for that fact that seeing pretty AF nails that only cost me $15 or less to put on BRINGS ME JOY...and that makes ME and my hormones happy honey!

If you're like me and are over the harshness of gels and the time and money that they steal from you, then let me introduce to you the Glaze Dashing Diva nails. These are the only styles of nails on their site that I endorse.

I have worn these nails for up to 2 weeks without any damage to my natural nails. They stay on even through hand-washing dishes daily, camping and the other Wyoming wilderness activities. 10/10 recommend if you are done with salons but still want to feel CUTE!

Black Friday Deal: Deals Every Day


You've seen me sweating in my sauna on stories and this is the ONLY brand I endorse. Why? It's really important the quality you are using when it comes to these biohacking devices. Cheap saunas off of Amazon include off gassing materials (plastics etc) that you don't want to be sweating into (you'd be better off just working out!). Therasage is family owned and includes materials that are more hormone friendly, less EMF and overall just better quality.

There are two Therasage products I use daily:

-Therasage 360: this is the portable at home sauna. The studies don't lie, infrared saunas are so helpful for your detoxification pathways which in turn help your hormones. I use this most during my period, follicular and ovulatory phase (our threshold for heat during the luteal phase is already wonky!)

-Small heating pad: while I no longer need a heating pad for cramps (thanks, cycle syncing!) I do need it because I live in a colder climate in a 100 year old cabin. Back to EMF, we want that to be as low as possible with the devices we are using and this heating pad is incredible! It feels luxurious and lasts forever. I'm obsessed and use it daily.

Black Friday Deal: 20% OFF with code MENSTRUALMOGUL20

Walking Pad

My favorite hack to stabilize blood sugar and glucose which in turns helps your hormones out IMMENSELY is walking after a meal! How's a gal to do that if she's gotta get some work done from home?

Enter: this walking pad for UNDER $200!

I was skeptical because most you find on Amazon are $300+. I have given this product over 1 month of trial and while writing this blog I'm walking along at a 1.5 speed and happily putting glucose from my meal to good use!

This is the perfect addition to getting more steps especially in the winter months making your hormones and waistline healthy and happy!

Black Friday Deal: 40% Off

Feeling excited?!

No matter what you purchase for Black Friday, be sure it's going to serve your future self in the BEST way ever! Tag me on IG @menstrualmogul if you purchase any of my links so I can SHOW YOU OFF, honey!


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