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the shit they should have taught you in school...

business courses

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for the mogul who wants to sync her content

Feeling the affects of trying to keep up with all the different social media these days? As a business owner, you know your social is your storefront...yet it feels like you're spreading yourself thing trying to stay consistent with it all.

Inside of this 4 week course learn the method of brainstorming, batching, writing and producing content that syncs with your cycle. This course delivers a system to make this a reality as well as boundaries to incorporate around social based on what phase you're in.

for the mogul who needs more energy to scale

Are you a female entrepreneur that wants that scaled level income, niched notoriety and ridiculous success but can't fathom giving any more energy than you're already giving?!

It's time you bring your cycle into your business so you have the energy to back up your scaling strategy. The Burn-Out Remedy teaches you a whole body approach to business that will create a foundation to sustain you for all your career. You don't need another marketing or scaling need The Burn-Out Remedy.

for syncing your business strategy to your cycle

Never has an online business strategy been taught in this way. If you're a CEO who knows about her cycle + it's 4 phases, it's time to elevate your strategy in working smarter not harder.

Inside of the 8 week course, the Menstrual Mogul Method, you will learn how to sync the various strategies that make up your business to your cycle so that your business finally feels in flow instead of forced.


For a deep dive of what's inside the Menstrual Mogul Method 8 week course, click here.

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for the photographer with a cycle

The work that goes into being a female photographer: shooting, editing, writing, prepping (and so much more) is one of the professions that could be perfectly synced with her cycle. If you struggle with burning out during your high volume season and finding your groove during the slow season, this workshop is for you.


Inside of the Female Photographer's workshop you will learn about the 4 phases of your cycle as well as what tasks align with each phase. 


for finding dreamy ideal clients

Toss out the vanilla BS questions about where your ideal client shops or how she spends time on her weekends.


You're going to learn how to optimize the super powers that come with each phase of your cycle so that you can gain the ULTIMATE clarity around who it is you wish to serve in your business...and attract them like a MAGNET! 

This workshop is your rinse + repeat process can be applied each time you pivot and evolve as a CEO with a cycle.

wellness courses

for syncing your food, fitness & lifestyle to your cycle

If you've looked up 'Cycle Sync' fitness or food on TikTok or Google and have been inundated with info that overwhelms TF out of you, look no further. FYP is the most transformational course for my clients because they see results faster than they realized. PMS is gone. Periods are no longer painful. It's cycle syncing magic. 

Inside this course you will learn how to track your cycle, a breakdown of the 4 phases and what foods/fitness benefit each, what 5 habits to do daily for best results and how to develop a cycle focused mindset.

For a more in depth description click here.

for the woman who doesn't need her coaches hand

This is for the woman who wants to cut to the chase and just know which foods & styles of workouts she should do during each phase of her cycle (without wanting a deep dive on her cycle). She is ready to take action & make a fun accountability challenge out of it!

The 28 SYNC gives you the cliff notes of cycle syncing with cheat sheets of how to sync your food & fitness. PLUS learn 5 habits to aspire to each day for a healthier cycle.

for the woman still on birth control

The masterclass turned mini-course that will empower women to finally break up with birth control so they can begin their cycle syncing journey.

Topics covered: Myths of Birth control, Secret Side effects, What about IUDs?, Non hormonal BC options, How to speak to your partner, Priming your body to get off the pill and more.

wonder which option is the best fit for you?

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