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Cycle Syncing in the Summer

It's officially SUMMER! (although it's a chilly 60 degrees here in WY)

Days are longer

We feel lighter and happier

It's time to SAVOR the goodness, right?!

PLUS if you're a woman who loves to better herself it's a freaking INCREDIBLE time to embrace growth while also having a f*** ton of fun.

I promise I won't get too woo but...

If you've taken one of my courses then you know that cycle syncing is DIRECTLY correlated to the four seasons of the year.

The ovulatory phase of our cycle is also considered our 'summer phase'.

During the ovulatory phase of your cycle you have superpowers like:

  • ridiculous confidence

  • social AF

  • being a creative master

  • you're attracting all the things you want in your life

Primally during the ovulatory phase you are trying to attract a MATE, but it doesn't mean you can't attract other things in your life or business too.

The coolest thing is you embody SO much of the above superpowers of the ovulatory phase during the PHYSICAL season of summer too!

If you're a female entrepreneur this could look like doing a lot of collabs or FUN offers without thinking too much about them.

If you're a woman looking to get stronger on a fitness journey this is a perfect season to challenge yourself in nature or at the gym.

Summer is BOUNTIFUL with energy (just like the ovulatory phase of our cycle) so optimize it to the FULLEST!

If you are looking to try something NEW let's chat about integrating cycle syncing into your life.

I have SIX 1:1 cycle syncing mentorship spots open this summer (because my social coaching butterfly wings are flapping).

Apply here and let's hop on a call to see if it's for you!


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