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BODi Workouts for Each Phase of Your Cycle

Having been a coach for nearly a decade, I have fallen in love with the workouts, the trainers and the community.

When I learned about cycle syncing, especially when it came to movement, I was worried that I couldn’t use my at home workout programs anymore! I had been a dedicated user of the program calendars they created and would feel guilty if I couldn’t check off whatever workout was scheduled for that day. But I was also realizing that the company was trying to please the masses and was missing the boat on hormonal health for females.

I began my journey by breaking the mindset that I had to follow a program's workout calendar or push through a Shaun T workout while on my period. What I was overjoyed to realize was the BOD was PERFECT for Feeding Your Phase.

The variety of workouts it has for every energy level makes it an inexpensive, valuable tool for balancing your hormones, moving your body and losing weight if it’s a goal of yours.

Having followed practically every program that they have come out with, I’ve been able to sort which program or workouts fit each phase and I’ve seen tremendous success.

Below is a cheat sheet of which programs fit each phase and a suggested calendar for a monthly cycle.

Adjust as you see fit, always check with a doctor and listen to your body

If you are interested in a BODi membership and do not yet have or work with a coach, click here.


  • Follicular Phase: Let’s Get Up, MBF/MBFA, 10 Rounds, Country Heat, Cize, Barre Blend, Core de Force, T25, Turbo Fire, Transform 20

Cardio days in: 21DF/FX, MM100, LIIFT4, 9WCF, 80 Day Obsession

BODi: anything under Cardio or Cycling

  • Ovulatory Phase: 30 Day Breakaway, Insanity, Insanity Max 30, Insanity Asylum, The Work, Transform:20, Turbofire

Cardio days in: 21DF/FX, MM100, LIIFT4, 9WCF, 80 Day Obsession

BODi: anything under Cardio, Cycling or Bootcamp

  • Luteal Phase: LIIFT 4, Barre Blend, PiYo, 9WCF, Hammer & Chisel, MBF/MBFA (modify cardio), 645/630, MM100

Weightlifting Days from: 10 rounds, Let’s Get Up, 21 Day Fix/Fix Extreme, 80day/ALO

BODi: Click Strength, Barre, Yoga or Pilates

  • Menstrual Phase: Barre Blend (modifier only), 3 week Yoga Retreat, 9WCF Controlled Stretches

Stretching/Foam Rollings Days from: 645, The Work, LIIFT 4, 21DF/FX, MM100, MBF/MBFA, 80Day, 30 Day Breakaway,

BODi: Click Yoga, but if it is a fast flow workout, avoid it.

If you want to learn more about the phases of your cycle and how you can feel empowered and aligned with your body while also seeing results-then check out my course called Feed Your Phase. Save time from having to read all the books about the female body and hormones and let me give you the most important information in order to begin building the foundation of your hormonal health. Find out more information here

And lastly attached is a suggested calendar you can print out!

Download PDF • 21KB


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