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3 Ways to Avoid Checking Social Media in the AM

"I know it's bad, but I check social media first thing in the AM" -confessions from multiple 1:1 clients this week.

Your day when you check social first thing:

check social--> compare yourself to someone else's AM routine--> laugh/cry/get triggered by multiple videos on TikTok--> spend too much time scrolling so your workout doesn't happen--> time to get to work or tend to life and none of YOUR needs were taken care of.

We are put into DEFENSE mode where we feel shameful and sad that we didn't do what we needed to in the morning. Am I reading your mind?

Your day when you save social for later:

get up--> brush teeth--> breakfast--> put on a podcast that is powerful and inspires you--> do your full skincare or makeup routine so you feel confident AF--> workout and generate energy for the rest of the day--> check social if you have time

You feel AMAZING because whether or not you realized it, you prioritized YOUR needs instead of others.

Girl, no freaking shame if you fall into the first category. It's something that I worked HARD at to overcome.

(yet still have to actively work at especially during certain parts of my cycle).


Here are some ‘general’ suggestions I give to most of my clients:

  1. put your phone in airplane mode while you sleep: and DO NOT take it off until your AM routine is DONE. Or maybe if you have a specific ‘focus mode’ you have your phone in for the AM. But you know yourself best…just remove the ability to access the apps first thing in the AM

  2. Have a routine to throw yourself into: there should be various styles of your AM routines for different phases of your cycle to match the energy + hormone fluctuation that comes with each phase

  3. Have another device to have access to: for example, my clients and I love listening to a good podcast or even training to set our mindset up for a stellar day. I moved many of my self hypnosis tracks, podcast apps etc onto my ipad instead of my phone so I can still access it but without the temptation to check social media.

But here’s the thing:

each woman I work with is so unique in her goals, struggles + habits that even what I suggested may not work for YOU (because you’re a unicorn of a woman).

However, as my clients say: they LOVE💕 that I am able to wave my cycle syncing coach wand and customize a strategy that is unique as they are...not just in boundaries, but many other aspects of their life + biz too.

Boundaries around your phone are just the tip of the iceberg of topics that can be covered inside of a 60 minute intensive together.

The women who book this offer leave feeling like that have a completely tailor made plan of action in achieving THEIR unique goals.

Their quirks, schedule, preferences and more are taken into account which allows them let go of the 'one size fits all' plans or structures they struggled to keep up with all these years.

With our 1:1 intensive you will:

  • fill out an in-depth form around your current habits, lifestyle + goals so that we aren't wasting time on our call interviewing you

  • be able to sit back and be present while I type up and afterwards deliver your practical plan of action toward whatever you're hoping to achieve that is completely custom to YOU

  • leave feeling understood, heard + validated

Few spots are available, first come first serve! Book your call here.


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