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3 Things I'm Buying to Set Me Up for 2023.

*sips shirley temple*

This winter I have been thinking about the holiday season, reflecting and even writing down how I want my 2023 to look.

Something I've learned that's been FASCINATING to contemplate is how the four seasons of the year also line up with the four phases of our cycle.

Winter, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is meant to be a time to reflect, turn inwards, slow down and listen to your inner voice around your goals, what you want to let go of and how you'd like to move on towards your goals.

Winter also resembles and has characteristics that mimic the menstrual phase (period) of a woman's cycle. During the days of your period, your brain hemispheres are communicating clearer than ever and any gut instincts or ideas should not be ignored.

What I teach my clients inside of my cycle syncing lessons is that often these feelings & ideas intertwine.

For example: your menstrual phase during the physical season of summer--you may have more energy than usual! This is because summer correlates to your ovulatory phase which is a vv high energy few days.

However, during your ovulatory phase in the physical season of winter, you could feel a little slower or less energy than ovulatory phases during other parts of the year. This is because, again, winter is a time to slow things down.

Which brings me to this point: why the hell do we make the BUSIEST & SOCIAL time of year (the holiday season) during winter when we should be restoring and resting?!

Ok, I guess Jesus couldn't help when he was born but whatevs LOL.

My message with all this is to say that if you don't feel aligned with the new year hype or you feel like everything around you is moving SO fast and you just want to slow down: that is VALID AF honey!

January 1, 2023 may not fall on a phase in your cycle where beginning something new is optimal. AND THAT GETS TO BE OKAY.

I've decided I will only be goal setting and new years 'resolutioning' during the phases that support it and taking action and making those MOVES during the other phases where that is my superpower.

I'll be teaching this technique heavily in my No Resolution New Year session of Feed Your Phase, but I wanted to give you permission to fully slow down if you expect to have a successful AF 2023...mmmk?!


BUT let's get into the chunk of what this blog is about. I have been reflecting a LOT about the past year, what my expectations were, how I fell short or really just need to recalibrate how I approach things.

I have BIG goals for my business, my health & how intentional I am with my time. If you have goals along those lines too, then keep reading to see the 3 things I've bought to set me up for success

Oh, and I think it's important to notate that I'm beginning to use these suggestions if I have them physically in hand as soon as I'm in the phase of my cycle that supports beginning new habits--which is this weekend! I'm not waiting for January 1st!

Let's get into it:

1. JOURNALING: Can I be totally honest? I am NOT a journal person...but only because I've told myself I'm not. But I AM BECOMING A WOMAN WHO JOURNALS. It's happening and let me tell you why.

The past year I have journaled probably 20 times. When I look back on an entry that I wrote this time last year I AM FLOORED by how much I've grown and changed (for the better). It's a sweet reminder when the monotonous day to day shit makes us feel like we're stuck in mud & not progressing.

THIS is what's keeping me excited about journaling: how I'll feel when I look back and read my entries a few months or years from now.

What I'm using: I have been following Chalene Johnson for well over a decade and have always loved her products so I decided to give her Push Journal Queen Bee set a go (to be honest I am obsessed with the design!) She gives you 3 Journals that come with prompts for specific goals you are working towards as well as health habits you are keeping up with. This will be perfect for documenting how I cycle sync all my goals and habits to reach my goals!

However, I also am obsessed with my dear friend Jessica's Create Joy Journal & Affirmation deck. This is a journal-hybrid planner with amazing monthly prompts and habit trackers. Her affirmation deck has powerful messages that you can use to set the intention of your day.

Click here to check out the Create Joy Brand.

2. PROTEIN & LIFTING: After listening to this podcast by my fav herbalist, Organic Olivia, I knew I had to be my own science experiment (as I always am) and begin upping my protein. This is especially for at breakfast where I want to aim to have 40g of protein to begin my day. I've already been slowly increasing and can feel more energy and have had better digestion too!

All of this protein intake leads to getting back into strength training. I've been intermittent with strength training but when I look back on my 10 years on my health and fitness journey..I always FELT and LOOKED my best when I lifted heavy AF weights. Time to make that a priority again.

Besides purchasing all the meat my little mountain town has to offer, I have also been using this protein powder to supplement & add to soups or smoothies. They say your overall goal with daily protein should be 1g/desired weight. So for me thats probably around 130-135g of protein per day.

Now, for weightlifting, I still refuse to pay for a gym membership especially where I live. I have had these adjustable weights for over 10 years (and hope to surpass needing them) and they do the job while I live in a 600 sq ft cabin.

I will be using BODi as my on demand library for strength training workouts and doing them during the phases of my cycle where muscle building is optimal.

I'm excited to see how my body morphs, how my cycle gets even better & to see my muscles can do while skiing down the mountain this winter with this experiment.

3. MENTORSHIP: Mentorship was something I went HEAVY in for 2022. I made thousands of dollars of investment in myself because I believe in my business & my mission to help women SO damn much. I invested in the training an certification to become a Women's Hormone Coach. I also invested in a 6 month mastermind with other high level female entrepreneurs. I learned SO much strategy, methods and if you've been following me in my 10 years of being a coach then you've noticed the SHIFT & CONFIDENCE I've gained this year.

My thought is that if I expect other to invest in ME for mentorship & coaching, then I should be walking the walk too. Today, I just made the investment for the first part of 2023 to get mentorship from a Business Mindset coach. 2022 was the year of strategy. 2023 is about embodying that next level version of myself so that I can carryout my mission in helping women lead more effortless life by syncing to their cycle.

Is this something you'd consider doing in 2023?

If you haven't tried or even gone ALL IN with cycle syncing, now is the TIME honey. This shit is about to blow up AND stick around because it's the only method and approach to multiple facets of your life that is VALID for all your menstruating years!

Click here to see all the ways you can work with me in the beginning of 2023 (for a MEGA discount until 12/31) so that YOU can meet that NEXT LEVEL version of yourself!

So there you have it!

Something for mindset, something for my physical health & something to grow myself in my goals. I hope during this reflective time of the year that you too choose to INVEST IN YOU, because they pay back is ALWAYS amazing and worth it.

Happy Holidays!

The Menstrual Mogul


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