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Winter Immunity Survival Guide

Did you know that your winter immune system starts building itself back in the summer months?!

*maybe you just gulped @ the copious amounts of food and drinks consumed this past summer*

No need to fret though, there's still plenty of things you can take and practice NOW in order to prep and keep your body healthy this winter season coming up (no one has time to get sick this holiday season, mmmmk?).

I want to cover the major ways you can build your immune system: through supplements and of course lifestyle habits. You don't have to do ALL the things I suggest in the blog, only what you can find yourself being consistent with.

Let's get started...


Here are the supplements I suggest for building a kick ass immune system. All of these are from Organic Olivia's line because they are one of the only supplement lines thats fully vetted and that I trust. Full disclosure: I pay full price for these supplements because I LOVE them and their quality. However, I included my affiliate links they gave me for sharing their products.

  • Immune Shroom: if you have children or are constantly exposed to big crowds (such a working in a high traffic place or being a teacher) then this supplement is a must have year round. This blend of 5 adaptogenic mushrooms engages your immune response and supports it. It's ultra important to take as well during the transition of seasons.

  • Elderberry Immune Elixir: elderberry has become trendy AF the past several years. The problem with that is some brands are not sourcing ingredients responsibly. I love that this formula gives all the elderberry benefits (immune boost, respiratory support and antioxidants) but they are sourced with 6400mg of elderberries with NO added sugar.

  • Zinc Plus: this is a NON NEGOTIABLE for me. It's pure magic that makes you untouchable in a bottle. I did a road trip to Texas last winter and stayed in a house where 3 family members were sick. GUESS WHO DIDN'T CATCH A THING?! Yup! And I credit it to taking this religiously. I love the story behind this supplement. OO originally created it for family members suffering from covid symptoms. Zinc Plus supports your lung/skin/immune health, aids with hormone imbalance (YOU KNOW I LOVE IT!) and is so beneficial to fire up with before a holiday trip or party for the season. *Pro tip- always be sure to take it with food so you don't get nauseas AF.

  • Microbiome Guard: contains herbs that support not just your lungs but also your gut (and gut health is a big component to overall health!). This was another blend OO made to help support parts of your body heavily hit by covid. It's a tincture that I love to put in my tea or smoothies (or its tasty enough to chug with water!)

  • The Guardian Tea: while not a traditional supplement, this tea is a huge factor into building immunity and is perfect to drink all fall and winter months! This tea's intentions is to fire up your digestion, support your gut and help respiratory health. I've found such solace and joy in the ritual of making this tea and enjoying a warm cup every evening!


Let's get to some practical habits you can implement daily that will build and support your immune system this season.

  • Daily Habits: You can't 'supplement' your way into a healthy immune system. It's only part of the full picture. Daily habits to support your immune system should include working out regularly, eating whole foods, drinking a ton of water and stabilizing your blood sugar. This not only build your immune system but supports your hormone health like CRAZY too. I teach you how to implement these habits in each phase of your cycle in the 28 SYNC, my accountability program. Check it out here.

  • Stop Using Bleach & Hand Sanitizer: I'm sure there are many people with C-word PTSD which I totally get. But a narrative that was NOT shared during the past few years is that bleach and hand sanitizer is killing ALL YOUR GOOD bacteria when you use it. What does that mean? A sicker immune system that has a less likely chance of fighting off viruses and illness (don't get me started on how F'd up this is). Not to mention it also completely wreaks havoc on your hormone health. To keep your space clean of germs WITHOUT using harmful chemicals that kill your healthy bacteria try Branch Basics. They have cleaning products PLUS a to-go hand foam soap that is completely safe and effective to use!

  • Take garlic like crazy: before a big social event, traveling or at first signs of illness coming on take some garlic! This is the pro tip that is the least amount of $ with the most effectiveness! Chop a clove of garlic into tiny bites and swallow them like a pill with some water. Garlic has natural germ killing benefits (I used them to cure my recurring UTI's) and can be found anywhere for mighty cheap, just make sure to keep some toothpaste on hand afterwards :)

  • Support your detox system: if your body and system is overloaded with toxins, it makes it hard to fight off viruses that come your way this season. Showing your detox organs some love is a great way to boost immunity. Try taking a liver tincture to support the organ that is responsible for not only detoxing alcohol but everything else your body comes in contact with. I also love to sweat it out with my portable infrared sauna. This one is pricey but has little to no EMF radiation (unlike the cheap knock offs you'll find on Amazon), portable and pays back in value tenfold.

Remember, building a winter immune system starts in the summer so get started as soon as you can with even just a few of the tools I gave you today.

Need more support in approaching this season with an unrestrictive mindset that gives you results that leave you confident?! Check out my 4 week cycle syncing course FEED YOUR PHASE which includes how to sync your habits to your cycle during EVERY season of the year. Bonuses included in this course go over how to support your hormones during the holiday season especially.

Wishing you lots of health and happiness during this amazing time of year!


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