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Cellcore Protocol Midway Update

It's been 2 months since I began my 4 month protocol with Cellcore. You can read up on the protocol here for what it entails and why I am doing it, but I wanted to give a midpoint update now that I am done phase 1 and 2.

To recap: phase 1 was all about clearing your pathways so that when you detox or kill off the bad stuff in your body, that you are able to eliminate it properly. If pathways are clogged and die off gets recycled in your body, then you can experience things like brain fog, low energy etc.

I checked back in my diary and journal and had written down how I was feeling January 11, 2021, the day I began this protocol.

I wrote that I was feeling:

  • fat

  • lethargic

  • bloated

  • sore

  • tired

  • anxious

  • out of control

  • insecure about how puffy my face was (my double chin was out of control for me!)

I began Phase 1 which was all about clearing pathways or in simple terms: pooping regularly. If you're not okay with poop talk, just exit my blog and my life (LOL jk, but seriously). Pooping consistently and regularly when detoxing and cleansing is important because the toxins are exiting your body via your butt. Your kidneys and liver are the major players with detoxing as well so this phase focuses on supporting those organs. I took 3 different supplements morning and night for phase 1.

Oddly enough, I felt like my digestion got worse, not better, in phase 1. I felt backed up, had loose stools, felt bloated at times and a bit frustrated. But I knew these were new ingredients working with my body and gave it time and trusted the process. Eventually in phase 2, this got back to normal, but one of the ingredients in phase 1 backed me up.

Phase 2 you're beginning to kill off parasites and intestinal build up. I've been doing parasite cleanses on and off for years and was excited for this part since it included some new ingredients I hadn't tried before. A doctor I follow (Dr. Jess) on Instagram talks frequently about Cellcore and her method of: Kill Bind Sweat. The theory is that you kill off parasites, then an hour later take a binder (a binder is a supplement that absorbs the bad die off so it can be eliminated safely from your body, which is included with Cellcore), and then sweat out the toxins you just killed. I had seen a lot of people who follow her protocol have great results from using an infrared sauna for the 'sweat' portion. You can sweat via working out, but because it's so cold here in Wyoming, I rarely sweat during my workouts. I bit the bullet and bought a portable infrared sauna (think of it like a pop up tent!) and this has been a GAME CHANGER in this whole process and my life in general. I sweat like never before for the 45 min at 150 degrees that I'm in there. The biggest difference I notice is when I don't use my sauna. Because I'm killing parasites in my body daily, if I don't sauna, I feel severe brain fog and exhaustion. It's also amazing because I'm always cold so this is a great way to warm up my body from the inside out. I've been binging Netflix or reading while in the sauna and it makes it fly by. The sauna I use has low to no EMF (a form of radiation through our tech devices) and is from the brand Therasage.

As far as my nutrition and lifestyle the past two months, I have been following the Ultimate Portion Fix structure to make my meal plans. I've played around with pescatarian, dairy free and vegan each week based on what I feel my body needs. Every weekend I choose a meal to make that doesn't fit with portions, ingredients etc, its just some SOUL FOOD, which is usually cauliflower pizza crust and some chocolate. Lately, I've been having an unreasonable desire for chocolate (specifically any Hu chocolate I can find in the store). I chalk this up to PMS, magnesium deficiency and the parasites I'm murdering on the reg. I let myself have it, but definitely need to reel it in a bit.

A big change for me since beginning this protocol was eliminating alcohol. My relationship with alcohol changed immensely when I moved from PA to WY almost 4 years ago. I was thrown into a new place, socializing, trying to fit in. Alcohol became my buddy. I drank after a hike, on the weekends, having my first beverage during the day. Then weeknights too because why not? And of course you have to have an Apres ski adult beverage. Add in people constantly coming to visit your 'vacation town' and girl, you're living with a vacation diet every day. I knew that this was the culprit of weight gain for me, that my liver was overburdened, and that if I didn't change drastically, then I would be living with a disease before 35. Because this Cellcore protocol is NOT cheap, I decided to begin with giving booze up for it, to give my body a chance to truly heal. Surprisingly, it's been easier than I thought. Spencer has cut way back too and that's been so helpful. I will say though I have not been social for 2 months, for no reason other than it's winter, so I'm anxious and eager with the warm weather and our wedding coming up how alcohol will come back into my life and what I want that relationship to look like, but that's a topic for another blog.

At this halfway point, I am getting sound sleep every night, my skin is much clearer, I lost almost 10lbs (which was probably wine & White Claw weight), practicing self care daily in the form of skin routines, exercise, tea, delicious food etc. and being diligent with this protocol. I wrote down in my diary that I was scared I wouldn't follow through with this and be consistent (a limiting self doubt I believed), but here we are! I know that by grabbing control of this aspect of my health will reinvigorate me to take hold of other aspects of my life I'm not satisfied with. I hope it could inspire you to do the same. Stay tuned for a full protocol report in May.

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Membro desconhecido
10 de out. de 2022

Did you finish this? I’m currently in the first month of this and am very curious how yours ended.

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