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All You Can Eat Candida Bagels

So I'm doing this candida cleanse and it SUCKS! I don't need to get into it, but I miss so many of the things I usually eat (sweet potatoes, fruit wahhh!) BUT the one and ONLY thing I will take with me out of this experience is the CARB ALTERNATIVES. If you're like me and bloat from even breathing near a bread basket--listen up! I ate 4 of these bagels today and am not bloated WHATsoever! Thanks to it being gluten free, dairy free, and all that jazz, you can go HAM eating these bagels without the painful repercussions .

So lets get down to it:

I've put together a list of ingredients on Amazon so its super easy for you to get these babies in your belly as soon as possible.


Servings: 6 mini bagels


  1. Preheat oven to 350

  2. Add coconut flour, almond flour, flaxmeal, baking powder, vinegar and eggs into food processor and blend

  3. Grease donut tins with oil

  4. Scoop batter into tins

  5. Shake some of the Everything but Bagel seasoning on top of the batter

  6. Put bagels in the oven for 20 minutes


*Store in fridge for up to 5 days. I love toasting the bagels and adding avocado or ghee to it!

Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you make these yourself!

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