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Life is too short. Let's go to Jackson Hole!

After an amazing week in St Maarten, I came home and sat on my bed, a bit anxious because my next set of travels weren't set to begin until the end of April!! I know #firstworldprobswithJac. BUT as a lady who has been traveling every month for the last 13 months, that made me anxious!

Then DD (aka my mom) comes down like an angel sent from heaven and said, "would you want to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 2 months?". My answer: "FUDGE YES DD!"

Backstory: my mama over the last decade was strapped to her at home work desk in corporate America. She worked ridiculously hard only to be rewarded with stress, anxiety and no real purpose in her day to day. Our family as a whole could see how unhappy it made her. My sister and I quit our jobs in 2016 to do coaching full time, and it was hard to see our mama not doing something she loved too.

If you ever met DD you know that she is a kitchen connoisseur. She knows everything about travel (wanderlust inherited. thanks mom!). She is incredible with interior design. She loves her wine. But most importantly, my mom is the most giving mama and loves making others happy.

It was heartbreaking to see DD's talent go to waste behind a desk chair. Thankfully she started her 2017 by QUITTING her 9-5 job. She is now free as a bird!

So what does a DD do with her time? Fulfill her dream of going to Jackson Hole for the winter! My parents have been there 3x in the past few years and to say they love it is an understatement. We huddled together and scrambled to find a place in JH. We found what we thought would be our rental, but all too soon that fell through. For a minute we thought this dream would be put on hold. I said "Mom, that wasn't our rental. If its meant to be the Man upstairs will give us the perfect one!".

OH--did I mention rentals were hard to find because we are bringing our 60lb Golden Retriever, Kaiya?! #spoiledpup

Then a few days later a rental came through. A PERFECT cabin with a spectacular view of the Tetons. We secured it for 2 MONTHS! Our family is ecstatic for this new adventure!

I first wanna say: I am eternally grateful for my family for being so supportive of my 'off the grid' career choice of being a Beachbody coach. But I am SO thankful that I can tag along on this adventure and create memories with the whole fam that will last a lifetime. I can't wait to be coaching those through their health and fitness journeys while looking out at the snow and elk that grace our yard!

Second: I want to remind you that life is too short. Don't spend over a decade working for someone else's dream like my mom did. Find something you are passionate about and MAKE IT WORK. Where there is a will there's a way. My mom's friend who unfortunately has an illness told me after seeing our announcement: "You are doing the right thing. I wish I would have been able to do this too. You never know when life will take a turn so live each day to the fullest".

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