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Salad Sub Wrap

Salad and I have a weird relationship. Salad is the good guy in the movies. You know he will treat you right, spoil you, give you all you need---but you are a rebel so you like the bad boy (most times thats chips and guac or anything BUT salad). My goal is to at a minimum eat one raw meal a day. Salads were it to me, but I needed a break because I just couldn't go for it. Enter: the salad sub(stitution) wrap. Basically a salad in a wrap! This took me just a few minutes to make (as many of these recipes do) and is SO delicious and refreshing. -1 collard leaf -1 cup of massaged kale (massaged with 1 tsp olive oil and lemon) -1/4 avocado -1 tbsp dijon mustard -1/4 cup shredded carrots -1/2 cup of red cabbage shredded (you can add any other veggies such as thin sliced cucumbers, peppers, hummus etc to this as well) Cut the bottom inch or 2 of the collar leaf off, and slightly slice the center stem to be the same level as the leaf. If you need to soften the leaf, heat up some water in a pan, dip it in there for 30 seconds, then transfer to cold water immediately and then pat dry. Top leaf with ingredients, roll up and enjoy!

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