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Top 5 Self Care Products to Swap ASAP.

The inspo for this blog:

A recent study came out shining light on 'recycled' toilet paper. While recycling is important, it was shown that in the mix of product used to make recycled toilet paper was receipts! Why is this a problem? Because receipts have one of the highest levels of BPA's (aka plastic) which makes it HIGHLY disruptive to your hormones. There were a few other ingredients and toxins found in TP brands that marketed themselves as 'sustainable' or a less toxic version (I'm talking to you Who Gives a Crap and Seventh Generation) when in reality brands like CHARMIN were less toxic.


Why does this must investigations need to be done in order to find good brands?! It can be exhausting which is why I'm committed to sharing updated brands that I truly TRUST.

With some products, I am more lenient (like my fake lashes) but when it comes to products I use daily (especially multiple times a day on my vulva and butthole, like TP!) I make a consolidated effort to be sure I'm using something that is not full of chemicals and has minimal to no hormone disruption.

In my Feed Your Skin beauty guide, where I break down ALL of my favorite non toxic favs, I encourage women to change things up once they run out of their current product.

HOWEVER, these are the products I would switch out right away because they are used daily on important parts of our body:

  1. Toilet Paper: the inspiration to this post! Considering this touches all parts of your undercarriage multiple times a day, this is a non-negotiable in my eyes. What you put near your vulva MATTERS (PSA: your V does not need soap to be cleaned! TP/Soap can disrupt the healthy bacteria of this area. Just use water) I am switching to this brand based off of the studies mentioned above.

  2. Toothpaste: there is a huge connection from the mouth to the gut and therefore your hormones! Using harsh chemicals in mouthwash or toothpaste could be a sneaky culprit in messing with your hormones and health goals/results. I am a huge fan of the brand BOKA, approved by a LOT of holistic dentists. For more dental tips I suggest following this dude on the gram.

  3. Shampoo/Conditioner/Body-wash: this trio is on the list because this is what we're using mostly every time we shower (let me be honest, I only wash my hair once a week LOL). For hair care, I am obsessed with Attitude for a low cost/actually suds up and CLEANS my hair non toxic option. For a more bougie hair care line I love Innersense. As mentioned above, your vaginal area does NOT need harsh chemicals messing up its perfect microbiome, so quit using soap down there ladies. For other parts of your body, I love using Dr Bronners (just a tinyyyy bit!). This is actually my favorite travel buddy because their soap doubles up as my shaving cream, laundry detergent and body wash when I'm away from home.

  4. Deodorant: this is one that I get SO many questions about. I believe that deodorant is a non-negotiable for having little to no chemicals because it goes directly into your lymph nodes. It's my own hypothesis that this is the reason so many women have arm pit fat (myself included!). For me, I've reduced my armpit fat thanks to better deodorant and self lymphatic massage. Try this specific one from the Attitude brand (not all of there deodorants work the same IMO).

  5. House cleaners: household cleaners are used often enough for it to be on this list. I'll never forget a summer where I helped turn over my mom's VRBO rental. I used many cleaners like bleach, 409, shower scrubbers etc. That summer, my health completed plummeted. I was in the hospital for feeling weak and sick. I had upper back aches that were unexplained. It was wild. The moment I stopped cleaning and using those products, the issues went away. I personally am obsessed with Branch Basics. When I say I use this shit on EVERYTHING, I'm talking dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding windex level! This is my household cleaner, veggie/fruit wash, rug cleaner, car cleaner, stain remover, hand soap and MORE.

These are the dirty 5 that I would swap out right away from your home. For the rest, look to replace things as your current products run out.

If you want more non-toxic favs and how to vet products when you go shopping, take a look at my Feed Your Skin Beauty Guide. Not only is it 20+ pages of my favorite products that WORK well, it also comes with my Beauty Hurts Your Hormones masterclass for FREE ($47 value). This masterclass goes skin deep into how we can save our health via our beauty products. Click here to check it out.


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