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'Tea Cycling' for Hormone Health

Do you drink tea? I found my tea ritual wayyyy later in life and now can't imagine most days without it! Tea is more than just a warm and nourishing bedtime treat. For many it can be medicinal and a form of support for whatever ailment they find themselves experiencing.

For me, I've used tea to heal my gut, detox my liver and decrease stress the past few years. These are all things that (surprise!) help heal and balance your hormones as well. I have been 'tea cycling' the past year now and can see a huge difference in my cycle and overall balance in my body.

I've been obsessed with Organic Olivia's tea line for YEARS. I received her FULL tea line this past year and realized that there was a tea option that supported each phase of my menstrual cycle. I got her official seal of approval on the correlations between each blend and the phase it could support through the DM's of IG.

Let's break it down:

The Best Tea for the Follicular Phase:

  • The Right Mind: during your Follicular phase you are feeling creative and have a great sense of renewal after just finishing your period. This tea helps bring clarity to your new ideas, grounding in all of the excitement and a balance of relaxation during this high energy phase.

The Best Teas for the Ovulatory Phase:

  • The Defender: when you are ovulating, hormones are rising which increases your chances of sexual activity. Chances of UTI's can increase when having intercourse or foreplay, which this tea was made to defend against.

  • The Cleanser: this liver supporting tea is ideal ESPECIALLY during the ovulatory phase to help your liver detox any excess estrogen surging during this phase . Excess estrogen can lead to PMS, cysts, painful periods and more which makes it important to balance and detox properly.

The Best Tea for the Luteal Phase:

  • The Guardian: gut health and blood sugar stabilization is of the utmost importance right before your period. The Guardian tea includes ingredients that will help mitigate systemic inflammation and build your immune system to support your overall health (anyone else used to always get sick right before their period?!)

The Best Tea for the Menstrual Phase:

  • The Open Heart: this tea is a 'blood mover' which you can imagine is beneficial the week of your period. Because your menstrual phase is a time to reflect and analyze, this tea is perfect for moving those 'stuck' emotions and giving you the space to connect with yourself.

The routine of prepping, waiting and sipping on my tea makes every hot mug savored! I make a batch to last me a few days and reheat as needed. For all of Organic Olivia's Teas, click here.

Want to learn more about the 4 phases of your cycle and what foods and movement benefit each one? Take a look at my signature program FEED YOUR PHASE, a 4 week course that breaks down how to track where you are in your cycle, sync your food & fitness to each phase & more. Click here to learn about it.


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