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Stressed AF? Try this before you BURN OUT!

How many articles have you read about stress? I can't count, yet it's still something SO many of us are dealing with. I mentioned on my social media that my stress was manifesting physically. I have a lot on my plate between managing two businesses, life events and energy being pulled in a LOT of directions.

You can relate right?

When I mentioned that I use a supplement to help me when I find myself in 'fight or flight' mode or my cortisol is high, I got more DM's asking for the product info than I ever have before, which leads me to this blog. Because let me disclaim this:

Not one pill or supplement will fix everything. Other habits must be taken into account and intertwined with healing herbs and supplements if you expect long term success with managing stress.

To sum it up: taking this one adrenal supplement won't fix your stress overnight. And the science and backstory with adrenal fatigue, stress etc can be overwhelming and that's not what I want this blog to be. I want it to be helpful and practical, something you can implement TODAY without too much scientific jargon.

No I wont ask you to give up coffee or meditate like a monk-for some of us that would just add MORE stress to our plate (right?!). Here are five ways to reduce stress RIGHT AWAY:

Check your phone habits

When I'm finding my cortisol higher and feeling anxious, it's always matched with me being on my phone more than usual. I'm talking checking it first thing when I wake up and winding down watching TikTok before bed.

IDK about you, but when I see Instagram posts first thing in the morning I immediately feel one of the following: defensive (because of what someone posted), behind (maybe because I'm 2 hours behind the east coast and see people getting shit done already), or annoyed (because of that influencer I just can't seem to unfollow).

WHY DO I START MY DAY LIKE THIS?! No wonder I'm stressed. And even more so, I spend 20 min scrolling which could have been put towards my morning routine, and now I gotta rush to get what I need to done which I HATE. Scientifically we all know that blue light first thing and last night in the day fucks with our sleep, which is also important to consider in times of stress.

What to take action on ASAP: turn your phone on airplane mode as soon as you get in bed and read a book (message me if you need some recommendations), keep your phone on airplane mode in the AM if you have the ability until you've done something for yourself (ie: breakfast, workout, skincare routine, etc).

Limit Sugar & Caffeine

Before you come at me notice I didn't say ELIMINATE! Ideally yes, eliminating coffee, caffeine and sugar will most definitely help your body if you are stressed. But do I think this is realistic?

HELL NO *sips Energize pre-workout*.

For some this is their only ounce of happiness and sanity in the AM- the smell and ritual of coffee or hand full of dark chocolate covered almonds.

What to take action on ASAP: Rather than spell out all the harmful shit caffeine and sugar can do, I'm going to share a way to enjoy your vices and lessen the side effects which is by consuming it with a BALANCED meal. When cortisol is high and you are stressed, do NOT drinking caffeine or eating sugar on an empty stomach. It's like adding gasoline to a fire. This may mean eating earlier than normal, or having to wait to have that sweet! Think balanced meals that include a protein, veggie and fat and pair your vice with that.

I also want to encourage you to limit your usual intake of sugar or caffeine. Maybe having one less cup, or switching the chocolate for fruit instead. This does NOT need to be forever, but is super helpful when you're in fight or flight mode.

Get outside and out of your body

Don't worry I'm not going to ask you to meditate and use one of those apps narrated by the hot dude from Bridgerton (although I need feedback if you've tried that LOL). However, deep breathing (whether using an app or not) is going to help you big time! Sometimes I'll notice that it feels like I've been holding my breath all day. I find that when I'm straight up stressed it's time to physically shake things up if I can't do so mentally and it just helps get outside of all the turmoil happening inside.

What to take action on ASAP: set an alarm for a few times throughout the day to remind yourself to take a few deep breaths. Get outside no matter what the weather, the fresh air will do you good. Workout BUT with a caveat: hard workouts (30 minutes or more with high intensity) can produce even more cortisol when you're in this state of physical stress. For a while, reel back and do low intensity, no more than 30 minutes, so your body can heal and feel safe.

Try some calming tea

Tea used to taste like straight up ass to me before. Then I heard about a podcast on how helpful it is especially to women and helping prevent breast cancer so I thought I ought to get used to it. Like with any new food or taste, it took a while and now I CRAVE and covet tea. I've had times in the past year when I've had straight up panic attacks, and drinking a cup of tea had calmed me down to a manageable place. It's a must in times of stress! The warmth of a warm cup of tea sends calmness all through my body with every sip.

What to take action on ASAP: find yourself a tea or even just warm cup of water with lemon and honey to hold, sip and cherish. My favorite teas are: mint tea by Pique tea (it's organic and triple screened for purity), or my new favorite is The Open Heart Tea which was developed to release stagnation in the body and calm the nervous system (literally made for panic attacks lol!).

Find some calming HERB

Not that kind of herb LOL. As I stated in the beginning of this post, it's my opinion that a single herb or supplement won't magically fix whatever is causing you stress. There has to be management in a bunch of areas of your life (with the simple tasks I've give you) and by combining those efforts with herbal remedies, I'd hope you find relief! I love the option of herbal supplements because they are tied closer to nature and have shown great success in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is a practice I hold in high regards. Obviously there is a time and place for therapy (which is a MUST with any sort of stress) and medication, but if you feel like you aren't there, herbal supplements can be a good preventative measure.

What to take action on ASAP: here are my go-to's for herbal supplements in times of intense stress (note: these are affiliate links, however I purchase these products with my own money and at full price, and I full endorse them.)

  • Adrenal Recovery: this is THE supplement I posted on social media that everyone wanted to know about. I took this supplement religiously when our dog was ran over (spoiler: he lived!) and we had to drive him 2 hours away to an ER vet and then deal with the repercussions for weeks afterwards. I felt more stable than I should during those few weeks because of this supplement full of adaptogens. If I know there is a stressful time coming up (lots of travel, launch in my business etc) then I take this 3x a day as a preventative measure.

  • Peace Juice: this is a spray that you use on your tongue. It may be a little funky tasting if you are not used to herbs at first, but like anything, you get used to it! When I spray some Peace Juice before my herbal tea, my body is in euphoria (actual euphoria, not the stressful AF HBO show). When I spray a few times on my tongue my body relaxes and exhales 'ahhhhhhh'. If I'm on the brink of a panic attack, I reach for this bad boy.

  • All Stress related Supps by OO: Olivia has a whole page dedicated to her supplements that help manage stress, so I linked them here. Other products I've tried and LOVE are Sleep Juice (to promote restful sleep) and the Connection Collection which is full of Rose flowers in different blends that help manage your body's stress.


We got this! Let's summarize how we're going to help manage our stress this week with a few affirmations:

I will start and end my day by taking care of ME instead of being on social media

I will enjoy my coffee and sweets, but with a balanced and nourishing meal

I will move my body and get outside in a way that feels restorative

I will calm my body by enjoying a warm drink

I will assist my body by providing it with supplements derived from plants and herbs from the earth

Was this helpful? Did you think I wasn't going to mention something about hormones! You thought wrong lol. We all know hormones are affected when stress is high and that our hormonal health is a sign of our overall health.

If you found the information in this blog valuable, then you're going to be blown away by what I share in Feed Your Phase. It's a 4 week micro-course that breaks down what is happening to our female body's in the course of a month (or cycle). We go through 4 phases each cycle, each phases having it's own personalized needs such as certain calorie intake, movement and energy output.

It may seem like this course is something that will just create MORE overwhelm about how to manage our body's needs- but in turn, it will leave you feeling more aligned and understanding on why we feel certain ways during each month (which in turn leaves you less stressed!).

Medical Disclaimer

Information in this document is provided for informational purposes only. The information is a result of practice, experience, and research by Jacqueline Renee Glod. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your primary care physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging.

Do not use the information in this document for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always speak with your primary care physician or other health care professional before taking any nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement or using any treatment for a health problem.


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