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Small Female Owned Businesses to Support

Since the pandemic began several months ago, we have all seen the hard hit small businesses have gone through. I live in a small town that relies on tourism for a chunk of their income. A lot of the small shops were very scared when Rona hit, and I made a conscious effort to shop small, and have carried that through the year. I love shopping small because I feel like there's a personal touch to each item I purchase. And of course I'm going to support a female entrepreneur wherever I can. I'll give a little backstory of the owners of the of the brands I'm about to share. I'm also happy to announce some of their Black Friday deals that drop this week.

*Also want to notate I purchase all these items and use them myself daily. I receive no commission for sharing these products. Just shouting out my fav lady owned businesses.

ByAchilles: I live in a dry, cold climate and besides drinking water and eating well, skin care has gone high up on my list of things to prioritize. I had been purchasing from a bigger company who has great 'clean' beauty products, but at the end of summer wanted to support a smaller business who puts all their love into what they're making. Enter: ByAchilles. After watching an Organic Olivia post (which if you know me, I do anything OO says) she showed how she used the Enzyme cleanser, Miel Honey cleanser, and Sunshine elixir. Her skin looked radiant and dewey AF, and I think we all just want to represent a glazed donut when we're through with our skin routine, yes? So I took a chance, these 3 products were the same cost as the other 'big brands' skin regimen. And I LOVE IT!

All the products are HANDMADE in Denmark by Michelle, the owner. ByAchilles checks off all the boxes in the 'clean beauty' department (free of: filler, alcohol, soy, GMO, gluten, pesticides, paraben, mineral oil, petroleum, dye, pthalates, synthetic preservative, and no testing on animals). I love following Michelle on Instagram, she shows you some of the process in how the products are made, and you can tell they are made from the HEART! If you have skin issues, want your skin to glow and to support a small business, definitely check her out.

BLACK FRIDAY: ByAchilles will be having 20% off for Black Friday. Her products do sell out quickly as she's a one woman show, so don't hold back.

Roam Mercantile: Roam is local to where I live in Jackson Hole, and it feels like you're walking into someones physical Etsy shop, because you essentially are. You get an airy, whimsical feel when you enter and the aesthetics are more than pleasing. This is my favorite shop to get cards, water color prints that I frame around our cabin, and it's my go to store for baby gear (every person that I know that has had a baby has gotten an "I love you to the Teton's and Back" onesie). Roam is owned by a mother of 2 who does amazing watercolor prints of local's favorites likes the Teton's, Bison and also has a custom art business. Every item is hand picked, and fair trade items are available too. If you are shopping for clothing, jewelry, art (my fav!), home goods, baby items, or paper products that have a whimsical western twist, make sure to head to their online store. You won't be disappointed!

BLACK FRIDAY: Roam will be offering 20% off the whole shop Black Friday and will also donate 5% of sales on Small Business Saturday to a local nonprofit.

Wild Haven: I met Molly over Instagram last year and she is as cute and sweet in person as she is on social. Molly is an AMAZING photographer out of CO who has slayed it in the wedding industry (still hoping her schedule somehow opens so she can photo ours #fingerscrossed). So it was no surprise when she launched Wild Haven, that it would thrive. She created this brand to rep the gals getting after it outdoors. I am obsessed with the t-shirts and crew sweatshirts that I wore endlessly this past summer. Molly and her husband, Shane, box and ship each order out with love and I am proud to support this cute fam. If you need an adorable beanie for winter, or a tee to hike in, make sure to check Wild Haven out!

BLACK FRIDAY: Wild Haven will be giving 20% off the whole site with the code ShopSmall20 and you'll also get a free sticker!

Pearls By Shari: When I first visited Jackson, almost 4 years ago, I remember my neighbor telling me I must go visit this jewelry shop in town. Upon walking in I was sure that I wouldn't be able to afford anything, pearls are for fancy people! While some pieces are pricey, Pearls by Shari has so many affordable options for those of us on a budget (they have a whole under $100 page). Specifically these Teton Mountaineering bracelets (pictured below) that have become a staple in my wardrobe. I love that they are easy to put on, no fuss and make me look fancy AF (which I love to pretend to be!). Pearls by Shari are always coming out with new colors for their Teton Mountaineering collection which makes it fun to change up colors based on the season (I just saw their Christmas bracelets and I'm gonna need to get some!). Impress someone you love by getting them a precious pearl item or impress people by wearing one yourself!

BLACK FRIDAY: While not having any specific sale, those that use the code JACQUELINE15 at checkout will receive 15% off. Pearls By Shari is also donating 10% of all sales this month to feed families in Nepal.

Mata Traders: I came across this brand shopping in a fair trade clothing shop in McKinney, TX where my sister lives. I saw this blue dress, tried it on, and basically never took it off. It became my FAVORITE dress to wear during the summer. It was stretchy and forgiving, hugged me in all the right places and bonus: that it was fair trade! Mata is doing amazing things for woman across the globe. They are bringing fair wages to artisans in Nepal & India. Each dress or item is hand stitched by someone rather than machine made, so you know your clothing was created with integrity and love. There's more info on their site if you wish to learn more. I find that Mata Trader's sizes run a bit big (I am a size 4-6 and wear an XS in their wrap dresses). If you want to look fabulous while also supporting women across the world, make sure to check them out.

BLACK FRIDAY: Mata will be announcing their Black Friday Sales this week so stay tuned!

Bri Moore Creative: When you live in a place like Teton Valley, the nature that surrounds us becomes a muse. I love how Bri Moore Creative has channeled the Tetons and our surroundings here in Wyoming/Idaho onto her hat line. I rocked all 3 of my hats from Bri Moore Creative all summer (they aren't only cute, but vv functional). Ranging from beanies to snap backs, each design is so unique and has me SOLD anytime she comes out with a shop update (who can resist a combo of leopard and the Tetons?!). Bri's store updates sell out fast so if you're looking to snag a hat, be sure to be prompt for the launch of new hats.

BLACK FRIDAY: Bri is launching a shop update on Black Friday with a variety of new styles and designs. It goes quick! Don't miss out.

Padgett Hoke Jewelry: If move to Jackson, it's a right of passage as a female to stomp your new chaco sandals over to MADE and get yourself a Teton Mountain necklace by Padgett Hoke. If you didn't, did you even live here? I love Padgett's jewelry: simple, gold, beautiful and so elegant. Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Padgett knows how to bring femininity to the mountains, fly fishing, and antlers through her pieces. I'm excited to hopefully get a few pieces for our wedding day through this local gal.

BLACK FRIDAY: Padgett Hoke is doing a buy one, get one 30% on Black Friday! Make sure to check out all the beautiful pieces she has to offer.

Whether it's with the brands I mentioned here, or your own local shop, think of where you can shop small not only for the holidays, but through out your future. As a quote I saw on social said "Every time you shop small, an actual person does a happy dance (or pours a glass of wine)". Let's make some people dance ya'll.


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