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6 Ways to Avoid the "F*&% it" Mentality & Be Productive

Are you a woman that lives in extremes? Or you find yourself struggling to get things done unless circumstances are jusssst right? Maybe you've gone the whole day without doing what you've wanted to, so you just say "f*&% it!" and don't do a thing?


Many times I have found ways to procrastinate doing the thing I KNOW I should/want to do, which eats up times, which brings me to the afternoon or evening and thinking I should just try again tomorrow instead of doing anything today.

Here's some examples of things I do/done to avoid doing THE THING, that in turn leads me to saying

"f$%& it":

-back in the day when I had big health issues, I'd convince myself I had to nap to make energy so I could do whatever task I needed to do (but it rarely made me more motivated afterwards).

-I have to clean my whole house so my environment is less chaotic in order to sit down to work (I actually did this right before I sat down to write this blog).

-I convince myself I MUST workout before I can start work, and sometimes it takes forever to get that workout done.

-If I began my day eating less nutritious food I'd say F it and eat like crap all day long and convince myself I'd try again tomorrow.

It took a mindset SHIFT for me to realize that even if it ALL didn't get done, doing ONE thing or something was better than nothing.

Or that just because I didn't FEEL energized/motivated/hyped enough to do what I needed to, didn't mean I should do NOTHING.

Next time you find yourself in this predicament, try this:

  • GUT CHECK: are you really tired? Do you really have to clean right now? Does this menial task really trump the work you need to do? Get real with yourself about what will make you feel better at the end of the day if you accomplished it.

  • GIVE YOURSELF A SMALL GOAL: if you have a longgggg to-do list, take a look at it. Determine which thing MUST get done, sit down, eat the frog, DO IT, and let the other stuff fall to the wayside for the time being. Or say you want to eat healthier: just focus on ADDING in one thing that day whether it be water, an extra dose of veggies etc. Something is better than nothing.

  • SET A TIMER: Set a timer to complete the things that are distracting you. I use this all the time for the example of cleaning my cabin. I live in a 600 sq ft space so if it's cluttered and messy, I truly have a hard time concentrating. What I do is set a timer for 30 min and clean as much as I can (which given the space, I get a lot done!). When that timer is up I must sit down to do work or press play on my workout. OR on the other end, set a timer to do just 1 hour of work that you may not be stoked about doing. Knowing there is a start and stop time makes it easier and also gets you in the rhythm of doing something.

  • CHANGE LOCATIONS: if your environment, people, or other circumstances are distracting you, change your environment! If my place is messy or my husband is distracting, I head to Whole Foods to get work done. I don't want to be sitting in their cafeteria all day, so I get a lot of undistracted work done there.

  • END YOUR DAY WITH GRATITUDE: you may feel like if you didn't do evvverrrrrything on the list that the day was a failure. Give yourself a break! At the end of the day, write down ALL the things you did, no matter how small! You'll realize that it ends up being a LOT!

  • CHECK IN WITH YOUR CYCLE: yes, you know I have to bring hormones into this because they have influence on EVERYTHING we wish to accomplish (no matter how little or big). Did you know there are times of your cycle when doing mental work is optimal and other times where we just want to clean up?! No matter what your goal: if you can sync it to your cycle and its different phases, this fuck it mentality or procrastination happens a LOT less. I'll be teaching women how to sync their goals & resolutions to their cycle in the final live session of Feed Your Phase, my cycle syncing program. Learn more info about the January session here.

Let's be real: getting everything done on our to-do list in one day is not realistic.

Expecting to complete it all is just settings yourself up for failure. Get comfortable with doing just one thing, ANYthing, and still being proud of it. You'll end up doing more than you thought you could and avoiding the "f$%* it" mentality.

Who's up for this new mindset shift?!


And for the woman who wants to LEVEL THE F UP in 2023:


Monday, January 16th.

This session is for the woman who has spent COUNTLESS years making resolutions only to fall short. She thinks there is something wrong with her self discipline or consistency--but the reality is, she's been setting goals & taking action without consulting her cycle! She wants to finally see success in her life to make 2023 the most abundant year of her life!

What's included in Feed Your Phase?

Feed Your Phase is a LIVE 4-week program that includes 4 LIVE TEACHINGS (as well as bonus minisodes dropped weekly) teaching you about the different phases and what each requires to optimally function.

You will walk away with tangible actions that you can implement daily to achieve hormonal harmony and beyond. Included is 90 days worth of simple, delicious recipes with a shopping list that can be prepared during each phase.

This session includes THE BONUSES OF ALL BONUSES.

Each bonus will have a video break down included in this session to deep dive on the topics it covers:

- 2023 Journal Prompts for Radical Change: prompts to get crystal clear clarity on how your new year will look

- The Dirty Habit Burn Book: hold a funeral for the habits that are no longer serving you.

- Reframe Your Resolution: break the rules around resolutions and set yourself up for SUCCESS this year with these reframes.

-Sync Your Goals: how to set & take action on the goals you set for yourself in sync with your cycle for the ultimate consistency


You will also receive suggested workout calendars to use based on where you are in your cycle. To keep tabs on how you're feeling, symptoms and improvements, you will also receive the Feed Your Phase tracking journal.

It will be powerful to fill out each day and see how much progress has happened within each cycle.​

In addition to all of the above, you will gain access to our private community where the daily content will be posted, live calls will be hosted and you can ask any questions that may come up in the next four weeks.​

The best part? You have access the course content for LIFE .

This is a program you can rinse and repeat as many times as you need until it becomes second nature. And it will, because it is based on your cyclical nature.


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