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8 Breakfast Ideas in Under 10 min for Hormone Health

THE most common red flag I find among all the women I work with is: they aren't eating breakfast!

I understand (and have been there): "I'm not hungry in the AM", "I don't have time to make food before getting out the door".

Skipping breakfast could be setting you up to gain weight, feeling more stressed and painful PMS.

Let's dive deeper into why before I give you QUICK breakfast ideas that are easy to make.

As far as avoiding weight gain, your metabolism is FIRE in the morning and the early afternoon (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). Prioritizing food first thing puts the food you're eating to good use and by keeping evening meals lighter, you're getting that digestive fire slowly burning in an optimal way throughout the day. Eating breakfast is also a way to keep weight off because you are more likely to eat steadily throughout the day instead of waiting until you're starved early afternoon, which can lead to over consuming calories and stressing your body out.

In regards to stress- when you hit your body with caffeine first thing or let your fasting window go too long, it can often lead to a cortisol spike, creating STRESS in the body. This is in addition to any other modern day stressors (such as work, family, money etc) you're experiencing. A tiny breakfast is a great way to make your body feel safe and able to handle the stress that is thrown at it day to day. You can still have your coffee, but have some food first--kapeesh?

Because skipping breakfast or fasting for too long brings on stressors and inflammation, this can have a direct correlation to PMS and period pain. There was even a study done on women that found that those who SKIPPED breakfast experienced more PMS cramps, irregular cycles and discomfort.

Now you may be asking thinking "Jac, the sound of breakfast first thing makes me sick to think about".

I get it, but right now you're stuck in a vicious cycle: you're not hungry so you don't eat and because of that you are under nourishing yourself and stressing your body out. Just like any other muscle or habit- you need to train your body to accept and eventually crave food in the morning. That means eating even if you're not hungry just to get your body used to food first thing in your day. Eventually, your body will crave it and your metabolism will be kicking!

Here are 8 LIGHT breakfast ideas, you can make in under 10 min, to get you started on this goal. I have included foods that are beneficial to each phase of your cycle to make it a hormone win-win:

Follicular Phase:

  • 2 eggs & avocado: cook two eggs to your liking and top with avocado. I love to put everything bagel seasoning on my eggs

  • Pre make oatmeal or use microwaveable oatmeal, top with egg and add in almond butter (I promise it’s delicious)

Ovulatory Phase:

  • Veggie omelet (take the time on Sunday to chop tomatoes, bell peppers or bake asparagus, this shouldn’t take more than 15 min). Throw two eggs in with veggies and cook to your liking

  • Applegate sausage and fruit: try to get organic whenever possible. While sausage cooks in pan, chop up or rinse strawberries or raspberries. Eat protein first, then fruit.

Luteal Phase:

  • This is my FAV Luteal breakfast, it sounds weird but is delish: chickpeas, cabbage & walnuts with coconut aminos. Pre chop cabbage for the week, rinse chickpeas and store in a container. When you’re ready to eat, saute cabbage for 5 min, then throw in chickpeas and chopped or crushed walnuts (I usually do this with my hand) and throw a bit of coconut aminos for taste. It's a savory delish and not too heavy.

  • Beef sausage or eggs with an apple: eat protein first and then fruit

Menstrual Phase:

  • Greek yogurt and blueberries or blackberries (do a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar first to help minimize glucose spike)

  • Mushroom & Egg omelet with avocado or butter

Easy enough, right? Again--it WILL take time to train your body to crave eating in the morning, but I promise it will thank you and eventually become second nature!

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