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5 Mindset Shifts to Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Here's how the holiday seasons of my past would go:

  • indulge in all the yummy food and drinks that come with Thanksgiving

  • do a 3 days cleanse to help with bloat

  • partake in holiday festivities such as decorating, skiing, holiday parties, family gatherings etc and gorge myself with apps, cookies and booze

  • hate myself pretty much every Monday in December, so I'd over exercise and eat super 'clean' to try and mitigate damage

  • weekends hit again and I say screw it ITS THE HOLIDAYS! and eat or drink whatever I want

  • end up on NYE, wriggling into my spanx, and swearing come Jan 1st I will change and leave my all bad habits in the past

  • Jan 1: eat and gorge myself with mimosas, ignoring all the promises I made to myself

Can you relate? It's exhausting, lady! Year after year, I see the same cycle in myself and countless others.

New Year, new you mentality can be so much pressure and often times doesn't work when it comes to consistency.

Not to mention, if you are a menstruating woman, there are times of your cycle when beginning new habits and routines are OPTIMAL and times when they are simply not. If Jan 1 lands on a part of your cycle when it's not--you could think something is wrong with you, but I promise there isn't. You just haven't been taught how to goal set with your cycle babe.

Here are some mindset shifts to implement in the New Year, including their affirmations that you can recite to yourself:

  1. I am aware: I am getting to know myself and what environment, people and habits I need in order to succeed. The people and situations that don't support my goals will have to be met with boundaries or not at all. This may mean saying no more often and I'm okay with that because I need to put myself first from now on.

  2. Extreme actions no longer serve me: going all out on eating and drinking or exercise creates imbalance in my mind and body. They do not serve me or the goals that I have, so I will no longer live in extremes no matter how harmful or beneficial they may seem.

  3. A new attempt doesn't require a new day: just because last week, yesterday or even this AM didn't go as I planned doesn't mean the next moment in my life can't be a new opportunity. I take advantage of EVERY moment life has to offer to become my best self.

  4. Changing everything at once, changes nothing: although I am excited to make changes to better myself, I know that changing too much at once leads to feeling like a failure. I choose small, attainable goals to master slowly and track my progress along the way.

  5. The secret to lasting change begins with me: not with a new fad diet, gym membership, accountability group, trendy cooking tool, or coach. I am the only one capable of changing ME, and that harnesses so much power.

Reciting affirmations and intentions may feel 'woo' at first, but I have most definitely found that it brings clarity when circumstances in life happen that could lead me astray from my goals or feeling my best self.

If you've struggled to be consistent with your business OR health goals in the past...consider syncing the actions you need to reach them to your cycle! It's simply life changing.

I was a chronically inconsistent yo-yo woman who just chalked up my struggles to being a character flaw. Little did I know that by syncing my goals & the tasks to reach them with my cycle would be THE thing to finally make things STICK.

My mission is for every woman to be the highest version of themselves. This is why I've taken my 10 years of coaching experience and adapted it to teaching women how to sync multiple facets of their life so they can finally see results.

For the woman who wants to sync her health habits to see results: check out Feed Your Phase ($50 Off until 12/31)

For the woman in business who needs more energy to reach that NEXT LEVEL of success: check out The Burn-Out Remedy ($100 off until 12/31)


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