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2022 Green Friday MUST haves

I'm sure you are taking advantage of sales from all of your favorite companies this week and next (when did Black Friday start so early?). I'm going to be that litttttle voice inside your head to take advantage of sales for items that will improve your hormonal HEALTH.

Sounds riveting, right? These are the things that excite me at age 32.

Below are items I live and die by. They are products that support your hormonal health, all in different ways, and they are having some MAJOR sales. Mark your calendars for start dates below.

I give you permission to go ALL IN on the sales for clothing, appliances, electronics galore--but get something that will benefit your health for me too, k?

(**some of these brands I have affiliate links with, some I do not. However, even though I have an affiliate link, I spend my own money on their products, I never get them for free. You can always trust my endorsement)

Let's begin:

Organic Olivia: if you think I'll be hovering over the shopping link for when OO has her sale beginning on Thanksgiving, then you're right! I use her products daily, consume her knowledge with all my attention, and trust whatever it is she puts out there.

Here are the products I use of hers & why:

  • Liver Juice: my holy grail. Our liver is connected to many functions in our body and is always in need of support with all the toxins we come into contact with. This is a daily essential for me.

  • Mane Magic- if you’ve had issues with hair and nails thinning OR need hormone and adrenal health.

  • ParaPro- if you have a pulse you have a parasite. My parasite journey is for another time, but just know that if we are deworming our dogs, we should be deworming our human bodies too! This is a gentle start if you are new to parasite cleansing.

  • Not Your Average Probiotic- I feel like we all need healthier gut bacteria, amirite?! This is a non-negotiable for me while I’m detoxing and trying to keep my body in balance.

  • Flow Balance- this supplement is meant to help mitigate PMS as you take it overtime (I used this consistently for a few months and it WORKS). Must use it for a few months for it to work though.

SALE INFO: Organic Olivia will be offering 20-25% off beginning Black Friday using the links in this blog.

By Achilles: products are made by hand in Denmark (she proves it with footage on her instagram) . I am obsessed with how much my skin GLOWS, despite the winter tundra I live in. Michelle's products are a must if you want to make your skincare not just a routine, but a ritual (let's get woo-woo with it!)

My favorite cleansers are:

  • Enzyme Cleanser: comes in powder form but you mix it with water to create a paste and it feels divine

  • Miel Honey Cleanser: personally, I follow up with this after the enzyme cleanser. The honey cleanser is purifying and gentle. I imagine a woo-woo Pooh bear would use it.

  • Sunshine Elixir Facial Serum: your skin will INSTANTLY glow when you put this one on! I use this for my AM serum.

  • Blue Jasmine Facial Serum: THIS one is what makes me feel like my ritual is a true luxury. Whenever I use it on my skin at night I immediately exhale "ahhhh". Which makes sense because this serum is meant to calm irritated skin.

SALE INFO: By Achilles will be giving 20% off all items on Black Friday. Don't miss out!

Therasage: If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me sweating and making funny reels in my portable infrared sauna. Especially during the winter it has been necessary to aid my body in detox and debloating after big holiday meals.

  • Portable Infrared Sauna: the benefits are endless: weight loss, cellulite reduction, decreased inflammation to name a few. Most importantly the EMF’s with THIS sauna are little to none which are SO important when detoxing and using electronics. I keep this sauna under my bed and pull it out a few times a week to sweat it out. I recommend this sauna for EVERYONE. You get your money’s worth within a few sessions.

SALE INFO: Therasage has a Black Friday sale going on NOW 20% OFF.

Green Pan: this checks off all the boxes for me- nonstick, without PFAS, PFOA, lead, cadmium, or plastics! And it actually WORKS. I've been using this brand for over a year and have enjoyed their frypans & sauce pans.

  • Check out all cookware here: their cookware gets hot QUICK so don't put heat on too high so you keep the coating in tact. Also, do NOT use nonstick spray as it can harm the coating (as I've witness firsthand)

SALE INFO: Green Pan is having a killer sale right NOW 30-60% OFF.

Branch Basics: saving the best (and most essential) for LAST! I found Branch Basics a few years ago as a way to replace my household cleaners with something safer. What I found is that I use this solution for eeeeverything. When I say everything, I mean it! Bathrooms, fruits/veggies, rugs, car seats, stains, laundry, makeup brushes, hand soap, dish detergent and more! This brand is women-owned and free of anything harmful (which is why it can be used for so much). Branch Basics is a non-negotiable for me.

  • Branch Basics Starter Kit: gives you everything you need -The Concentrate, Oxygen Boost, Reusable Plastic All-Purpose, Bathroom and Streak-Free Bottles; Reusable Plastic Foaming Wash Bottle, Reusable Plastic Laundry Bottle, Works for Standard and HE Washing Machines

SALE INFO: Branch Basics starter kits will be on sale for Black Friday, discount is unknown at this time, but worth every penny regardless!

Which are you going to self care splurge on?! I can't wait to hear how these products benefit you this holiday season.

Want more help on products that keep your hormones balanced and diseases and cancers away?

*Self plug moment: I have compiled my 8+ years of trial and error into ONE spot with my Feed Your Skin beauty guide. A guide that includes household products, hair care, cosmetics, detox protocols and more that encompass two things: they have little to no toxicity and they WORK. No skimpy concealer that can't cover up the bags under our eyes, or deodorant that leaves you smelling by lunchtime. I took the legwork out so you don't have to waste time or money.


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