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Ultimate Portion Fix Vegan Meal Plan A

This post is about to get REAL! I know you came here for a vegan meal plan, and you'll get it, but I want to explain WHY I am doing this program and this history of me and those colorful containers. I've been a coach of 6 years. Growing up, my diet consisted of cookies, skittles, Diet Coke (no water), Panera, chicken nuggets and pizza. I had the metabolism of a gazelle so I never was overweight. People actually thought I didn't eat much because of how thing I was. But then came college, and when you throw vodka nightly on top of the poor diet I started to gain weight. Have I mentioned my whole life I had never worked out intentionally in my life?

I knew that at 23 I had to start figuring things out. How to get healthy. So obviously I go to the grocery store and hit up the diet section which is filled with Special K bars, shakes, and cereals. I did that for a while and wondered why I was still hungry. Then I thought I should start working out, so I hopped on a treadmill and tried to run, only to find that I looked and felt like a baby giraffe so I threw that out the door too.

Flash forward, I eventually find a coach who introduced me to the at home workouts I do now and the superfood smoothies which have been heaven-sent for my lifelong sweet tooth. But how did I meal prep? How could I create a plan that was yummy and nutritious? 5 years ago the 21 day fix & portion containers came into my life and it changed my LIFE! I used them, got amazing results, and was able to eventually eyeball all my food in what they would be in containers.

Then life happened---blah blah blah--I had some health issues, I moved cross country to live in a vacation town, I got engaged. I know, its BS. But all the BS doesn't matter because I am ready to begin using these containers again with my mostly plant based lifestyle (I do eat fish here and there, but this meal plan I'm sharing today is completely vegan.) I've got 2 weddings to go to this year, my 30th birthday, and I'm engaged. I use these events as short term motivation, but really I just want to be healthy, free of headaches, and feel a little better in my bathing suit!

If you'd like to help keep each other accountable I'd love to connect. Or if you want to know more details of this program feel free to email me! I have a private coaching group full of meal plans, check ins, accountability and 1on1 chats--apply here to be considered!

This is a VEGAN PLAN A (which averages 1200-1499 calories) for 1 person

6 Green containers

2 Purple containers

4 Red containers

1 Yellow A container

1 Yellow B container

1 Blue container

1 Orange container




Chocolate Smoothie:

1 TSP: 8 oz coconut milk

1 Green: Spinach

1 TSP: Peanut Butter

1 Red: Scoop of Chocolate Shakeology

Instructions: Put all ingredients into a blender with ice and blend!


1 Purple: 2 clementines

1 Yellow B: Sweet potatoes

Instructions: for the week dice up sweet potatoes and bake in air fryer or oven


Super Salad

2 Green: mixed greens for salad base

1 Green: carrots and sliced cucumbers

1 Red: veggie burger cooked

1 Yellow A: quinoa

1 Orange: dressing of choice (I love primal kitchen Vegan Ranch)

Instructions: use green containers to measure out mixed greens, and then also for the carrots and cucumbers (mix them into one green container). Cook the veggie burger based on instructions on box (I love the Hilarys or Dr Pragers brand). Prep quinoa for week ahead of time according to box and use the yellow container to measure out and put on top of salad. Use orange container to measure out your dressing.


1 Red: Edamame

1 Green: Asparagus

Instructions: use red container to measure out shelled edamame and cook according to package. Roast asparagus ahead of time and portion out 10 spears for your snack


Tofu Scramble

1 Red: Tofu

1 Green: Sautéed peppers and onions

1 TSP: olive oil to cook

1 Blue: 1/4 of avocado

Free: Coriander, Cumin, Tumeric, Nutritional yeast (optional)

Instructions: In the beginning of the week, drain tofu (google how to, but I just squish it in between two plates and put something heavy on it). Keep tofu in storage container and portion it out in the red container when you are preparing your dinner. Chop up peppers and onions and fit into one green container. In a medium sauce pan, put one tsp olive oil in and throw in veggies and tofu. Break up the tofu into tiny pieces with your spatula, almost into a scrambled egg size consistency. After 3-5 min add spices ( I usually just do a couple shakes of each!). Cook for another 1-3 min and then move to a bowl. Top scramble with 1/4 sliced avocado. For a cheesy consistency, I love to sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on top!


Coconut/Almond milk

3-4 bananas

Bag/box of spinach

Peanut/Almond butter

Bag of clementines

2 large sweet potatoes

Box of mixed greens

Bag of match stick carrots

1 large cucumber

6 veggie burgers of your choice


Dressing (Primal Kitchen or check out my easy homemade garlic dressing thats delish)

1 bag of shelled edamame frozen

2 bunches of asparagus

1-2 packages of extra firm tofu

2 peppers

1 yellow onion

3-4 ripe avocados

Pantry items:

Olive oil




Nutritional Yeast

Thank you for reading!! If you are interested in 1on1 coaching, more simple and delicious meal plans CLICK HERE

and don't forget to connect with me on Instagram

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