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VIP All Access: 2017, the year of fitness

$58 is the average cost of a gym membership here in the US. Only 8% of people who set resolutions complete them. Why do I share all these boring numbers!? BECAUSE:

1. I going to save you money

2. I'm going to make you part of that 8%

The company I am partnering with (ya know the ones that create programs that have shaped celebs like Christ Pratt, Ellie Golding, Eminem, Missy Elliot and Kate Hudson--not to mention helped me keep 15lbs off after college) wants YOU to have access to EVERY PROGRAM they've ever created, superfood supply that change your taste buds, and obviously ME as your personal coach (to give you personal meal plans and be your health and fitness Sherpa) for less than $9/month (take that Planet Fitness with your swanky thigh machines). I present to you: The All Access Annual Pass.

OH and it gets better..

You get this membership, aka working with me and having access to every program for a FULL YEAR, PLUS I want to PAY you in January for simply showing up every day. On January 9th our Health Bet starts which in short means: Beachbody put up to 3 million dollars in a pot, and whoever logs in their workout and superfoods each day in January gets a piece of the prize!!

So, in conclusion my social media posse:

  • one full year of access to all the programs celebs use to get fit

  • superfoods smoothies

  • daily meal plans and shopping lists

  • access to a private accountability app

  • meal plan approved cooking show with recipes and instructions

  • me as your coach forever

  • get paid in January for hitting your goals

Honestly, what the fuck are ya waiting for!?!?! #hypedAF

And check out below some of MY personal transformation, as well as my personal team members, through out the years with the programs YOU will have access to :) Can't wait to OWN 2017 together

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