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Core De Force: 30 Day Results

After a month of YOLO-ing my way around TX, PA, London, Paris, VA, and FL, I knew it was time to shape up (enter Grease song). I knew enough was enough when I had to get shorts that fit better for my leadership retreat in Disney World (eek!). In the past I would have let this routine keep going with the excuse "its the holidays!". BUT as a coach I know better. I have held a promise to myself, my coaches, and my challengers to lead by example and get back to basics.

Beachbody came out in November with a new MMA inspired workout program called Core De Force. It's led by a dynamic duo Joel & Jericho (you may recognize them from Les Mills programs) who in my opinion are the best LIVE and on screen trainers out there. The program is 30 days long (which is perfect for my workout ADD) and the workout routines range from 27-47 minutes. It alternates between body weight strength exercises and cardio based MMA combinations. Here is my experience.

BEFORE: As I mentioned I had a 4 week holiday which included exploring new countries, champagne for breakfast daily, macaroons, croissants, bread, cheese (which I usually never have), chocolate, loads of guac and more. During this time I completed a 3 week yoga program, and did TONS of walking which is why my 'before' isn't as bad as it should be. As I dropped my BF off at the airport (we are long distance) I knew I wanted to feel more confident the next time I saw him. I saw the opportunity to commit and go ALL IN with this new program, Core de Force. A thought crossed my mind though "Jac, you have Thanksgiving, a trip to Austin, and 3 visitors coming to Dallas, WHATS THE POINT?!". I pondered and decided to slap that thought across the face. Those are my REASONS to stay accountable and go all in, not my EXCUSES! So on November 14th I pushed play on a workout program that would change my life!

DURING: So how did I manage to still lose 12 inches with the holidays and social events surrounding me?! Heres a check list of what I did:

  • Pressed play every day no matter if I was hungover, full or not feeling it.

  • Drank my superfood smoothie Shakeology to curb any cravings I was feeling

  • Checked in daily with the challenge groups I run. I need them more than they need me!

  • I got pumped each day by taking my energize pre workout and popping on some tunes

  • Pick and chose my battles: was it really necessary to drink this night or that night? Was I going to regret this meal later on?

  • I posted my weekly results on social media to stay accountable. This made me driven to show every WEEK I was seeing results

  • Started cooking more and making new healthy meals

  • Showed up every day

AFTER: Like I mentioned, I lost 12 inches. I no longer feel fluffy in my LuLu's, I have seen parts of my abs I've never seen before, my discipline for working out daily is back, I enjoy cooking and lean towards healthier options, I am excited to rock my new years eve dress, I have a game plan for the holidays, I feel in control, I no longer have excuses.

So what's next? I will be completing a full round of the 21 Day Fix as I want to ease back into weight training (I've taken a few months off!). This is the last month for FOREVER that the 21 Day Fix (a portion control based program with workouts, superfoods and ME as your coach) is on sale for $20 off. If you want to be prepared for 2017, and end the year strong I suggest you wait NO longer (I hate seeing people pay more in the future).

CLICK HERE to apply for my 1-on-1 group where I will coach you with personalized daily meal plans, shopping lists, daily tips on surviving the holidays, superfood smoothies, workout program and calendar, access to my personal accountability app, and me as your personal coach.

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