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Naughty or Nice? Superfood Holiday Recipes

During the holiday season we are in a constant battle of giving in to our cravings or favorites which leads to regret or leaving our button undone after dinner. Not fun for anyone right? You gotta pick and choose your battles to see whats really worth it.

One thing I've found is to turn my favorite naughty recipes, into something very nice :) . Take the picture above. I was hankering a candy cane martini, but I knew it wouldn't be worth it coming to the end of my MMA program (that I wanna finish strong!). So I decided to transform my usual peanut buttery chocolate Shakeology into a peppermint wonderland and BOOM--cravings blasted, not to mentioned I'm nourished AF!!

Click here for a few of my other favorite Shakeology mocktails for Christmas!

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