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How to keep your RESULTS after a program

We've all done it. You have a goal. You set up a plan. You follow said plan for however long (until the wedding, vacation, holiday etc). Then you celebrate--most likely with that bottle of wine or cookie you've been eying up for the past 6 weeks. A cookie turns into 5, which turns into the next day having pancakes, which turns into chips and queso..and before you know it a week or so later you feel like all of your hard work has been undone.

The regret, the disappointment, the shame is the WORST feeling. You have 2 choices--brush it off and get back to what you KNOW works (because it worked before!), or let this become a downward spiral. I've done the downward spiral route and let me say from experience--don't do that. You're better than that! So go with getting back to it. Set a plan, set another goal and do the work. BUT this time, have a plan for after the date/time your program or regimen is over so the regret and shame won't ruin your results.

The problem is we're acting like dogs! We are rewarding our hard work with food and drinks--the very substances that deter us from our intended goal! So, what I have found to work is rewarding my hard work and efforts with items OTHER than food!

Here are some ideas:

1. Workout clothing: there is nothing more motivating that a new pair of shoes or Lulu's. Not only will it motivate you to keep up the good work, but you will be FABULOUS showing off your new bod.

2. Mani/Pedi: as women it's in our DNA to feel amazing after a good mani/pedi. If you regularly get this done already, opt for a nicer spa, or upgrade to a longer massage/sugar scrub!

3. Massage/Facial: Your body has gone through some serious work if you have followed a routine or program and it's just as important to rest and recover. The benefits of massages are endless. You don't have to break the bank either! Places like Hand & Stone have amazing deals for first time customers.

4. Photoshoot: I know this sounds crazy and maybe a little out of your comfort zone, but why not put those amazing results to work with a new profile picture?! You don't even have to hire a pro. Take your iPhone and bestie with a few outfit changes and head outside (outdoor lighting is amazing!). Want your makeup done? One thing I always do is go to MAC at Macy's. If you call to make an appointment they will do your makeup for free when you buy $50 worth of product (note: they do not do these in regular MAC stores). It's easy for me to spend $50 there so it's a great excuse to get dolled up :)

5. Gadgets that align with your goals: like I mentioned before fitness gear is a great motivator and prize, but there are lots of other things that will keep you on track and make you excited to continue with your goals. Here's some ideas: weights (Bowflex select techs are my fav), Apple watch/ Fitbit, Yoga mat (Lulu lemon is my favorite), Blender for your smoothies, cutting knives (makes life SO much easier), Bosu Ball, iPad for streaming on-demand workouts, just to name a few!

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