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Make your cubicle into your gym

When I started my health and fitness journey I was stuck behind a desk at my 9-5 insurance job. Sitting all day left me less than motivated to workout or be active after work. As I like to say "if you move you move, if you don't you don't". The more we are immobile the less likely we are to be active in our day to day.

There's no doubt that sitting for a long time over the years has negative effects: burning 2/3 less calories than you do standing, weight gain, heart disease and even the potential to cut 7 years off of our life! AHH. No thank you.

But don't you worry honey, we're going to fix this. Here are some tips:

1. Workout BEFORE work so that you get your metabolism going. It's tough waking up early but your energy levels will be through the roof!

2. Ask your boss about a standing desk. These are all the rage right now and it helps keep our minds sharp and body moving

3. Get up to drink water every hour. Not only is this good for your health but you work better taking breaks every hour

4. Walk to ask someone something instead of e-mail or IMing them

5. Squat 15 times at every bathroom break

5.Workout at your desk! Repeat these exercises every hour! See video below :)

Join a group of motivated individuals who work 9-5's but have made health and fitness their priority: Click here

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