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How to workout & not disturb your neighbors

My first workout program was in an apartment during college. As a ballsy senior who had never worked out a day in her life, I thought that Insanity would be a PERFECT first workout program. Well, I did it. It was NOT pretty, and it was LOUD. I'm sure to my neighbors downstairs it sounded like a sumo match was happening each day for 38-45 minutes. Just because you live in an upstairs apartment, doesn't mean you can't do an at home program!

Here's some options :

  1. Chat with your neighbor: explain your goals, what you're doing, and ask what their schedule is like

  2. Choose a low impact workout if your neighbor sucks

  3. Go outside and stream your workouts if it's nice

  4. Stream your workout at your complex's gym (if you have one)

  5. Team up with a downstairs neighbor or buddy and workout at their place

Usually I never have a problem with neighbors (now that I work from home I'm usually working out when they are at work!). BUT if you have a grouchy Mr Feeny neighbor who hates sound, try out this low impact workout that won't cause a ruckus!

I did this workout in my Airbnb apartment and have heard no peeps from the neighbors! Need more low impact workouts? Shoot me an email at or click here for 30 free days of workouts on demand!

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