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New Chapter: Wanderlust with WiFi

I sit here in the house the house that I've lived in for the past 3 years, with boxes all around me, still unable to conceive what is really happening. I've lived in this town, West Chester, PA, for 8 years and today is my last day as a townie. I've experienced love, major heartbreak, rebirth, confidence, life changes, hurt and so much more in those 8 years...coming into this town as a black haired emo-college kid, and I could have never predicted this is how my life would end up. You see I grew up with no dreams. No specific career in mind. I did whatever I could to just get by (in school or with work), and I knew I loved to help others and make them smile. In my various jobs post college (car dealership, cubicle chick, traveling sales girl), I was able to do some of that, but felt like something was missing. Enter: coaching. To hear about how I found discovered coaching and what that is click here, but long story short: my purpose of helping others has been filled ten-fold...and coaching has been filling me up in SO many other ways. That being: traveling & complete freedom After going full time with coaching in April of this year (and after a trip to Thailand, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cali, Dallas and beyond), I knew that part of it's purpose was to fill my Wanderlust cup. The only thing holding me back from traveling the amount of time I wanted to was my beautiful Window on Rosedale house (complete with Girl Boss HQ)

It's been an emotional road, letting go of the memories, the time , the effort that has gone into this house, but I'm trusting God and know that by letting go of things (that in the end are pretty materialistic) I will be given so much more in return! The tag line: live with less so you can do more, has never rung so true. This whole process taught me of how much STUFF one person can have and not NEED. I could have traveled around the world with all the things I gave away because I never used them (note to self: next time there is a sale at Express, think of a ticket to Europe instead). Fast forward: my sister, who is also a coach on my team, kicked major ASS this year and retired from her corporate job this August. We had always dreamed of traveling around the country together (and beyond) trying out new cities to see what we like. So we each packed up our things in storage and with only a few bins in my Hyundai Santa Fe (Ronda) we will be galavanting around the world. This September, we are setting out for our first leg of the #BonVoyageBeley tour. First stop, DALLAS (Sept-end of 2016) Why Dallas?--so many people ask. We decided for this to be our first stop because of the community down there (mostly BB coaches), and when we visited back in June, we fell in love with the city. So much food, fitness, craft cocktails and more! We are staying in AirBnb's so that all we need is the clothes in our car (and a spray tan tent obvi). As if moving to Dallas wasn't enough: If you never knew this about me, I have a boyfriend named Ryan (he's adorbs) and we only meet on vacation. What do I mean by this? We met on vacation in St Maarten of last year, he is a British Chef on yachts and travels on a super yacht for work all year round. It's been since May when I saw him, and his next holiday is coming up--yup, right in the middle of our stay in Dallas. SO---this is how my 2016 schedule will go:

  • Sept 10-Oct 10 Dallas (with a weekend trip to Raleigh,NC somewhere in there)

  • Oct 10-12 New Hope, PA

  • Oct 13-18 London

  • Oct 18-24 Paris

  • Oct 25-Nov 4 (PA, VA, FL)

Yeah, crazy. But I literally need to pinch myself about how blessed I am to have the FREEDOM to even go on this trip (which I will be able to work during, hence: Wanderlust with Wifi). Ryan and I would not work unless I had my freedom to jet off when his job allows it, and for that I am so blessed.

So, that's what is/will be going on in the world of Jacqueline Renee. Purely informational, but I do what to leave you with some tips I've learned along the way.

  1. Don't waste your money on things (unless it's makeup). I've purged most of my belongings because at the end of the day all I need are some good clothes, my spray tan gun (haha), my laptop for work and my passport. When it comes to money: EXPERIENCE > THINGS

  2. Ziplock Air Bags: give me life and are the best thing when it comes to moving or creating space for storage. Buy them all

  3. Never settle: my #1 pet peeve with this whole move is when people say "I want your life!" or "That's amazing, do it while you can (or while you're young)". Those two sayings are complete bull shit in my eyes. Its a choice to limit yourself to travel when you get older (and don't say kids or family is an CAN be done!). Also, this dream was not even in my mind a few years ago..and here it is now: living and breathing. Anything can happen--if it choose to do it!

  4. Fit is totally achievable in a time of chaos : through out all of this I still managed to lose 8.7 inches after a #yolo June and July. Stick to the program and create routine in the chaos

  5. Letting go is hard : really hard. Having given so much of my life to one place I know I am leaving a huge piece of my heart in West Chester. But if this place gave me so much, I can only imagine what else the world has to offer. Its hard to see the light at times, but trust and believe that it will all be worth it in the end!

Want to travel the world together? Click here.

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