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Beautycounter | Charcoal Mask Review

I'm not usually one to wear masks (mostly because I'm spray tanned half the time and don't want to ruin that) but after 3 days of road tripping, and sleeping in hotels with recycled air, I decided to give it a go when my sister offered. If you are easily offended by the visibility of your pores when the shit dries, then don't try it haha. I saw every nook an cranny! You slop on as much of the mask as you can, let it dry and then wash off with warm water. I definitely felt like dirt was extracted through the process. It's funny, because I use activate charcoal as a supplement (pill form) for when I am doing cleanses, so it makes sense to use it on your face too! I suggest rubbing some coconut oil (straight from the jar) on your face after and letting your face absorb that over night for perfectly smooth skin the next day. I would use this mask again but only after traveling.

My current regimen of a Clarisonic exfoliator, Desert Essence facial wash (super low on chemicals, great for oily to normal skin), Coconut oil (for days I don't wear makeup) and all the water (because skin care products can only do so much. what you eat is what your skin is!) has worked and left me with very little blemishes over the past few years! To Learn how to leave your skin better by eating a healthier diet click here


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