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#BonVoyageBeley Road Trip: Philly-->Dallas

Update on my journey as a nomad! If you didn't hear what I will be up to for the rest of 2016 then make sure to click here to read the update. My sister (and top leader on my team) Lauren, and I made it alive and well to Dallas after 3 days driving. I won't even act like it was a totally pleasant road trip--but it wasn't horrible either!

We drove from Philly, to West Virginia, to Nashville then ending in Dallas (passed thru MD, KY, AK too). We made the most of our time by creating new trainings for our team, listening to podcasts (um addicted to Serial), and having 1-on-1 calls with our coaches on how to better their business. 3 days on the road can seem like a lot of time to miss when you are your own boss, but if you use it right--you'll be fine!

Food: at first we ate some not so great treats (dark chocolate almonds, candy etc) and quickly found out how it made us CRASH, which when driving is not so good haha. So we had our Shakeology, bananas, tons of water (all the pee stops), and nuts the remainder of the time.

Fitness: each day we did a workout whether it be the new Yoga on demand program (obsessed by the way & so perfect for this trip!), or more intense (insanity or fix extreme) and this was essential after being cramped up all day! We also made our numerous pit stops count with the video below :)

Favorite State: West Virginia because mountains

Least Favorite State: Arkansa (also did you know there's an Arkadelphia???)

Things went wrong: Our car was almost towed in Nashville, we paid $100 to avoid it. Then I was brain dead at the hotel bar that night and paid $60 for 2 glasses of wine, and also had my shorts fall out of my bag in the hotel lobby without realizing it. #icouldntadult

So we made it alive, got to Dallas and arrived at our lovely Air BnB (if you need advice on AirBnB let me know!), showered up and had an delicious home made welcome meal by our Dallas family- the Nelsons! That's what made coming down here so easy, knowing we had such close friends/mentors by us!

Lastly we ended it all by going to a speak easy bar that is literally half a block from our house, it's amazing. I have a great feeling about what my sister and I will get out of Dallas.

I'll update you in 2 weeks when I am on my way to Europe to see my sailor at sea <3

For our favorite road trip activities watch below


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