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Ultimate Tip to Make @ Home Workouts FUN!

I have been doing at home workouts for over 3 years now. Why? Because I hate being watched when I workout, dudes at the gym are creepy, I look like a watered down mole rat when I sweat, I save money, and because it gives me great results--and I can do it anywhere! But just like when we contemplate driving to the gym, getting through workouts at home can lack motivation from time to time, its normal. BUT, the #1 thing that works every time to get me through it is ...MUSIC. I mute my celebrity trainer (because I know the workouts pretty well by now) and move to my own tune. Not to mention you burn more calories from your booty shaking in between moves. Don't believe me...check out my absolutely embarrassing evidence that this works. And I can say it was a really fun workout too....

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