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Who makes a great online health and fitness coach?

I wanted to share more about what I do as a GIRL BOSS and feature each weekday how what I do can help people from all walks of life. As a leader for a team of over 1,000 coaches, we come from all walks of life. Really ANYONE can be a Girl Boss (its more of a mindset), this blog is specifically for those I have seen make a KILLING with my own eyes :)

MAMA MONDAY: I have a team of over 1,000 coaches, a lot of which are MAMAs!!!!! Now while being a mama myself is not in the near future, I am so inspired and AMAZED by the mama's on our team that make an absolute KILLING with this business. No, really, I want to steal a kid for a day so I could have the advantage that they do! Why do mom's kill it in this online fitness coaching thing? IMO it's because of how RELATABLE they are. Mom's are super hero's, battling through the chaos of kids, meals, work, spouses (or lack of), day care, activities, and so much more. Yet the mom's on my team see the VALUE of putting their fitness on the forefront, not only for them, but for their family. I think fellow mom's see what their hectic lives are like, and if they can put their health first, so can they! I have seen TREMENDOUS success on the business end too. Mom's on my team are earning enough to pay for their children's day care, sports, vacations or even to stay at home and BE WITH their kids and family more (or full time)--which is PRICELESS. Mom's know the value of time, so by working 1 hour a day on their business they see HUGE results. Now, some of you may be thinking, "I'm not a mom yet, I'm just getting married or I'm single".. WELL --this business does NOT happen overnight. I have some VERY SMART coaches on my team that know in the future they will have kids and are putting in the work NOW (while they have more free time) so that later they can work from home and not have to worry about Paternity leave etc. (I love my team!). Wouldn't you love to have that option? That's only scratching the very surface of why mom's make a killing in this business.

TEACHER TUESDAY. I know SO many teachers my age that had to have summer jobs in order to live comfortably. Teachers: let me just say first, you are ANGELS on earth between handling all the kids, the drama, the parents, school supplies, the after work grading, planning and more. I see your posts of what you do and want you to know your work does not go unnoticed. Needless to say, when it comes summer time, YOU DESERVE A BREAK! You shouldn't have to serve tables down the shore, be a counselor at camp, or whatever it may be. I have seen COUNTLESS teachers in my organization work part time on their online fitness business during the school year, so that when it comes Summer time they are free to do as they please, all while getting paid each and every week (its called residual income!). You may be thinking: "the school year is stressful enough, I can't think of adding one more thing to do"...I get it. But what is ONE school year of working on this compared to summers completely OFF every year, or better yet, building this to be your full time income? Teaching can be transferred to coaching SO easily. You teach others use our program and lead a healthier life. Simple. As. That.

WANDERLUST WEDNESDAY. I've had the JOY of meeting so many people here on FB who share the same passion as I do for traveling! Traveling over the years has become my WHY for this business. I decided to put my head down and work HARD for a short amount of time, so that I am able to travel (and work) from anywhere in the world! Talk about freedom.

See as a coach, when you start to build your team, it creates what is called residual income. This business school drop out did not have any idea what that meant. Basically it means, that because of how much I have built my team up, I could be on vacation for 3 weeks and still get paid the same each week as if I were at home doing the same work. RIDICULOUS, I know. Now this doesn't mean I don't keep growing on my business, but it means I have the FREEDOM to TRULY enjoy my time off when it comes, and not have to worry about unpaid time off, or even taking time off for that matter cause I'm my own freaking BOSS!

Wanderlusters: you are my people. You do not need to limit traveling this AMAZING earth to only 10 PTO days/year. That is not LIVING, that is barely SURVIVING. Hell, even as my own boss having gone to Las Vegas, LA, Thailand, Bahamas and Jamaica this year so far, I want MORE (and I know you feel me on this), but I'm not in the position to up and leave whenever I please yet....that has become my goal and my WHY.

My other WHY is to show YOU that YOU can have this too. So many people say they see my snaps or my pics and they are 'jealous'. THAT DRIVES ME WILD. Because this opportunity is available to everyone, YES EVERYONE. YOU just have to have the balls to join me in it!

Yes you may travel, but do you travel and still get paid for it? Do you create your own hours? Do you make the rules? I know that there is a ceiling holding you back from REALLY seeing whats out there. I'm telling you ITS THERE, you just have to be open to the opportunity to own it.

Wanderlust's: lets chat. lets build this. then lets travel the world together.

TIE THE KNOT THURSDAY. Now that I am done feeding my hormonal cravings (yes coaches cheat time to time too! I'm human, and a woman), I wanted to share why BRIDES TO BE make AMAZING coaches. You have A LOT coming up. A wedding, honeymoon, a house, planning for kids if that is something you want for the future. All of those things are so exciting, but may seem daunting with the dollar signs attached to it. You may be thinking "there is so much on my plate now, I can't think of adding something else, I'll look into this coaching thing after the wedding". The thing people fail to realize is that why you may see this "coaching thing" as something that would stress you out more, it is really the ONE THING that could relieve you of your financial burden. By working on your business during wedding planning it would create the wedding of your dreams, a honey moon around the world (hell, when you become your own boss you could honeymoon for WEEKS #weeoowweeeoow), a down payment for your new house, a college fund for your future children. Stop seeing coaching as a silly thing that won't make a difference, when it really can make ALL the difference in the world to your life. And while you build your business, you'll be held accountable to be in the best shape of your LIFE (just in time for your big day!). We need to get out of the mindset that doing things later is the answer. Doing them NOW is what will change our future. Every single decision you make today, sets up your future. Stop looking at TIME as something that is infinite. It is not. Live in the moment, but be smart about the future. I already have a bunch of bride's on my team that are smarty pants and doing this very thing- building their future. You should to.

FEARLESS FRIDAY. I saved the person that makes the best coach for last: the girl that is fearless. The woman who will jump into an opportunity, not knowing it all, but fearless in the pursuit of her dreams. It is a scary thing starting your own business. It is scary to put yourself out there for others to criticize, judge, mock (yes all of these things have been done to me and my coaches) takes someone FEARLESS keep moving forward despite it all. But I am walking proof, along with over 1,000 coaches on my team, that the laughing/mocking/judging will dwindle, and those very same people will begin to ask what you are doing, and eventually how they can do it too. The only job you have to do be consistent and never give up on your dream while those people come around. What is even scarier is walking through life knowing there is something more and not doing anything about it. You don't have to be dead to die. Do not simply EXIST. THRIVE, PURSUE, FAIL--fail again, and then fail some more on something that is WORTH IT.

The woman that is willing to do this is the ULTIMATE Girl Boss. and that is who I want to join the rest of us on the team. Have more questions about joining the team or becoming your own boss? Click here or email

**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.** AKA Don't be a DNB**

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