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Tater Crunch Perfection

Since starting my health and fitness journey I have been trying to find a replacement for the beloved french fry. I love the crunch, the carb rush, all of it! I've tried with sweet potatoes but just wasn't getting the crunch factor I was looking for. My mom the other weekend made some roasted potatoes with dinner and it had the PERFECT crunch. I asked what she did with it, and it was so simple: she boiled it before she baked it! DUH. Simple. Silly. Life is forever changed. Here it is folks: Cube your potatoes Boil them in water for 10-15 min Towel them dry Bake in 400 for 35-40 min (I added himalayan sea salt and rosemary, but cinnamon etc is good to!) ENJOY THE CRUNCH! Click Here for my Free 5 Day Meal Plan

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