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Your Body Goes Where the Mind Goes

Just wanted to share a quick video I made this morning to my social media profile. The past almost 2 years I have been battling an unknown illness. I've been to every doctor and they didn't help at all, they just threw medication at me. I found out I had a tick borne infection and got that treated. I also started doing Parasite cleanses and found that it helped SO much with my debilitating daily headaches. The current symptom that won't seem to ever go away is a pain in my left side/abdomen that shoots down my hip flexor and around my groin. It is so annoying! The only position where I don't feel it is when I am standing or laying out flat. I always feel the need to stretch my hip. Anyways, I'm getting an MRI on that shortly so hopefully I will get some answers...but thats not what this post is about... The past few weeks I have been in my own head wondering what this pain is. Wondering will it EVER stop?! I had a serious break down and bout of depression a few weekends ago where I just wanted to give up. I was so TIRED of feeling pain, wondering what it was, and never getting answers. I didn't workout that week.d I didn't go out that weekend. I isolated myself and hated every minute of it. Then came my moment of clarity, I knew I couldn't keep going on like this. I started cooking, getting outside with my dog, and made it a priority to take hold over what I COULD control. I listened to my personal development, plugged in to my team of coaches and WAHBAM. I felt better right off the bat. I changed my mind and my pain that seemed SO BAD last weekend, was still there but didn't hurt like it did. My point is, your body goes where the mind goes. Its CRAZY the physiological effects we feel when our mind is in a bad place. Everything is heightened. Anxiety can be physically crippling, but you gotta snap yourself out of it. Do that ONE thing that makes you happy and gives you all the feels, and watch the trickle effect begin to happen. Your problems WILL find a solution, as long as you believe it. To join me in my private 1-on-1 fitness challenges click here

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