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Superfood Shell Banana Ice Cream

A few months ago I had a BUNCH of bananas in house and they were quickly turning brown. My idea was to freeze them and maybe try out the whole ice cream idea some day. Well, that day is TODAY my friends.

I'm trying to detox from refined sugar after months of cookies here and there, alcohol, and doing what I wanted to. I woke up this AM craving sugar but knew I had to draw the line it was only going to be fruit for this girl. I suddenly remembered the bananas in the freezer and thought 'why not'.

So, in making this 'one ingredient' ice cream, I was thinking of what I always think of:

'the fixings'

I threw in some hemp milk, vanilla extra, and cacao nibs, tasted it and loved it! But then I thought back to what my favorite childhood ice cream fixing of all time was--MAGIC SHELL. Seriously, I'm a 'crunch' fiend and magic shell was my go-to when I was growing up.

I felt like a huge light bulb over my bun went off! I was going to create the healthiest, most nutritious, superfood shell topping to ever be created! So I whipped out my handy dandy Shakeology and got to work!

Banana Ice cream:

freeze ripe bananas then throw in food processor (add tiny bit of hemp milk or extract to your liking)

Superfood shell:

take one spoonful of coconut oil and heat in microwave until melted

take a scoop of chocolate shakeology (I used Vegan) and add in to melted oil slowly until consistency is thicker than water.

Dribble over your banana ice cream and throw in the freezer for 15 min to harden. Whip it out and VOILA! I threw on a dollop of PB for good measure as well. :)


-Jac xo

To download a free 5 day meal plan and shopping list click here

**NOTE: if you try and use a 'powder' other than Shakeology, I cannot guarantee the superfood-ness of that recipe. You would not be getting the 70+vitamins, nutrients and do yourself a favor and invest in the good stuff! It obviously can be used for everything!**

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