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Thanksgiving Veggie Dinner

The holidays are upon us! This time last year I was binge drinking every night, using the holidays as an excuse to indulge in drinks, food and bad decisions that left me feel less than desirable in my stretchy leggings and dress.

I refused to let this year be like that. Its been "no drink November" in my world which has helped IMMENSELY (I think I'll continue on with that), and I have kept up with my plant based diet. Yes I have indulged more than usual in some chips and guac at Chipotle, but that trumps the damage I did last year!

So I have been experimenting what I will eat for dinner for Thanksgiving this year. I found this DELISH recipe that I tested last weekend. It definitely takes a while but it is WORTH IT. Yummy delicious vegan yumminess.

Here is the recipe below! What will your Thanksgiving meal be?

To download a free 5 day meal plan and shopping list click here

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