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Secure your Cyber!!

I am a huge fan of Chalene Johnson, and if you follow her than you know she was hacked a few months back from her twitter, to IG account and beyond! It came to the point where FBI needed to be involved, and as a fellow entrepreneur who's business is build off of social media, I was worried. Chalene made a few podcast episodes on "Build your Tribe" and I listened but procrasinated BIG TIME in getting the job done. I committed to it yesterday, but thanks to a sugar crash, procrastinated even more until today. I have to say between learning the software, trial and error and thinking of all the accounts I have been at it for hours. BUT I know in the end it will be worth it and I will be better protected! Please take a listen to the 5 Part Series on iTunes and make sure to leave her a review of course :) Stay Safe Cyber Friends!

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