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Survival Shake

Raise your hand if you travel 🙋🏻. Thanks to my lovely job I travel a lot. While I love exploring new places I hate the terrible side effects most of us deal with once returning home. Before I travel and even when I get home I make sure to fuel up and make sure my body is in fighter mode.

Why do I choose these ingredients?: Shakeology Has 70+ nutrients that is basically my daily multivitamin; I need the fiber from Shakeology Boost digestive health to ensure I am 'regular'; the Shakeology Boost Greens will keep my body's alkalinity in check and is my 'travel greens' that I can shake up; PB cause PB; Cacao nibs which are full of magnesium which help combat my migraines; Glutamine so that my muscles can rebuild all the soreness from moving around; Probiotic for my healthy bacteria, and Zinc to build my immune system

Did I mention it's delicious. Double win in my book

Interested in Shakeology and participating in my online health and fitness challenge?

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