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Day 21. Ultimate Reset Recap

Okay here's results part Uno of the summer of cleansing! These are my results from the 21 Day Ultimate Reset.

Week 1: I eliminated wheat, meat, and dairy from my diet

Week 2: I ate a diet close to a vegetarian along with fiber supplements to help flush out my system (no running to the bathroom don't worry!)

Week 3: Mostly plants. fruit and limited grains! Closest to a Vegan diet

Aesthetically I lost some weight and inches/fat that I was holding onto, but if you know me then you know I love Non Scale Victories. I made a list of what I was feeling when I started:

Tired, moody, anxious, no energy, bad sleep, headaches, feet hurt, joint pain, skin dry, tight throat, ears clogged, irritable.

All of those either went away or are significantly less. I feel SO much better.

During this cleanse I read the book Superlife by Darin Olien. SO much information about what certain foods do for us, and ones we can do without. Because of this book I made my own personal decision to cut out meat and most dairy (I eat eggs time to time). I hate classifying myself as any type of eating type. I EAT FOOD. And I eat what makes my body feels good, which is: veggies, fruits, nuts, sprouted grains, and healthy fats!

I love this program because it taught me what my body likes, and what it doesn't (I learned I have a wheat intolerance without even having to go to the DR).

You will never feel better than you do on this program. I slept like a baby, had energy out to wazoo, and it taught me to be more conscious of my food decisions!

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