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Chick PB Burgers (Vegan and GF)

So I'm pretty much done my Ultimate Reset and Parasite cleanse (post on that to come) so now comes some experimenting with different vegan recipes! I did some hours of research on Pinterest and found a bunch and decided to try this one! Only cost $10 for everything (and its stuff that you can reuse over again) and it makes 4/5 hefty burgers ( I ate 4. No shame).

Today begins my colon/digestive aid cleanse by DR Clark. The Ultimate Reset was kind of a different version of this, but this one has different supplements so here I go! After the 18 days I plan to do a liver flush and a kidney cleanse (I told you it's the summer of cleansing! ). So stay tuned.

For my 5 day clean eating menu click here

And here is the recipe for the burger below

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