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Day 14

Day 14: can't believe I'm halfway through this. But honestly when I'm done, it's only just begun! Such a different between when I did this almost two years ago and now. Before I just did it for the results, but now I did it because I want to. I craved to be nourished with the best food and recipes out there. My body deserved to be treated better, and that's why I'm loving it.

I'm going to continue this journey of " see what my body is fully capable of" by sourcing my nutrients with fruit and veggies and working out more (no workouts allowed on the reset). I want to share everything along the way for myself but to also hopefully inspire some of you to honor yourself the same too!

Breakfast: natures candy

Lunch: the best salad of my life (don't worry I'll share soon)

Dinner: baked tempeh, avocado and stir fry

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