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The Yummiest dressing you will ever eat

Okay, so I may be going extreme saying it's the yummiest you'll ever eat but it's definitely the tastiest that is SO good for you. I love going out to get crazy salads but sometimes the dressings they plop onto them can make the meal count up to 1000 calories (eeeek!). So what I do is ask for the dressing on the side and when it comes out put some of my own dressing on it (yes I'm that girl!)

Garlic Creamy Dressing

1/2 cup EVOO

1/4 apple cider vinegar

3 garlic cloves crushed

3tbsp lemon juice

2tbsp freshly chopped parsley

1tsp Himalayan salt

1/2tsp Dijon mustard

1tbsp raw honey

Put it in a blender and BAM. Amazingness in your mouth! Salads are slowly becoming a favorite of mine so I am keeping it fresh with different homemade dressings.

This list gives you about 10 servings! Keep it cool but it may solidify so give t some time at room temp before you top it on your greens

(Credit to the ultimate reset for the recipe!)

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