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Day 8

Day 8! Not gonna lie. My body is going through something right now and I'm hoping it's just detox. I'm tired. My head is pounding a lot. Between the parasite cleanse and the reset I think it's detoxing so time will tell! Today I was on the road but thanks to a huge ass cooler lunch box, I'm able to stay on track.

I'm now in phase 2 of the Reset which is the "release phase" 🙈🙊don't worry I've done this before and it doesn't mean I'm running to the bathroom all the time. I take a detox /fiber supplement which is "gentle" before each meal along with the parasite supps. This week we begin a vegetarian based diet as well.

Meal 1: natures candy (fruit)

Meal 2: micro green salad

Meal 3 (pictured): yummy brown rice and beans with broccoli. One of my favs. Def need to pace myself with this one cause I could eat so much more!!

On to day 9!

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