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Day 6

Typo for sure on the pic. I'm on day 6 Look at all this food. Current mood:Stuffed 😑

Breakfast: Natures Candy and some oatmeal with flax

Lunch: Super green salad and quinoa salad

Dinner: roasted root medley (beets, carrots, sweet potato and onion) plus Zucchini cashew soup.

Today was a tough day for me. My migraines have been VERY bad and all go to one spot in my head. It's quite debilitating. I start to think about it too much and it creates anxiety which leads to physiological side effects. Thankfully coming home and cooking kept my mind busy and I feel much better. I also made an appointment with a new nuerologist to get another opinion.

This just drives my WHY even more. I need to absolutely take control of what I can if something is seriously wrong with me. So that's what I'll do!

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