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Day 3

Day 3 is a wrap!! Prepping is tedious but worth it! I need to stop being lazy in the kitchen! I've been listening to lots of podcasts to make my time efficient! Menu for today: Breakfast: Shakeology with spinach, and a bowl of berries Lunch: super green salad (finally added some jicama! Aka the fruit tasting veggie) and lentil lime salad which is yum yum! Dinner: my favorite: Nori roll! Aka sushi. Smoked tempeh, avocado, cucumber, carrots and some sesame seeds wrapped up and BOOM! Dip it in some braggs liquid aminos and you got yourself some homemade sushi Full as a bull! Favorite podcasts: Preston & Steve show (a local radio show here in PHL. Lots of fart jokes); The Chalene Show, Building Your Tribe (with Chalene Johnson); Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen.

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