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Day 1

Totes forgot to post my day 1 photos last night. Jet lag has me sleeping like crazy and I'm sure my body is resting from all I've put it through the last couple weeks. I woke up yesterday wanting my pre workout E&E but had to shut that thought down fast---no caffeine for me. I take an optimize before every meal so my body can prepare to take on the food. Meal 1: eggs, Ezekiel, and spinach Meal 2: Miso soup with Wakame and green onions, plus a super green salad (I need to buy more veggies) and pumpkin seeds. I forgot to take a pic but then I took a shot of Alkalinize which helps balance your body's alkalinity. Last meal: this was at like 1AM. Instead of the salmon that was on the menu I decided to opt for a little Shakeology with fruit! Took all my parasite supplements as well. So far so good. I already feel the withdrawal headaches from caffeine, sugar, and wheat coming though (ahhh)

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