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If you're a woman that's been in a relationship with hormonal birth control for a number of years and you KNOW it's been doing ya dirty, it may be time to break up.


Most women have been on hormonal birth control for so long that they forget what life was like BEFORE they went on it.


Maybe you've experienced mood swings, brain fog, bloating, migraines, no sex drive, weight gain and lack of energy the past several years comes with no explanation. Doctors tell you it's all in your head.  You know deep down that birth control could be the culprit, but you're scared to get off of it cold turkey. 


You know you want to ditch the bitch, but you need a pep talk from your hormone enthusiast bestie to empower you to pull the plug!
Break up with.png
ENTER: the Break Up with Birth Control Masterclass

This LIVE event taking place July 25th will inspire the f&*$ out of you to make the decision around birth control that is the best for YOU!
​This is NOT a 'doomsday' session scaring your way off the pill. 
Scare tactics and intimidating statistics aren't my jive. Instead I want to paint the picture of what life off birth control can be like.
Think: effortless periods, more energy, feeling more connected without something foreign in your body, improved mental health, confidence around self image, weight loss if desired and MORE!
You will leave this masterclass with a strategy to talk to your partner about your decision, have a plan in place to prevent pregnancy and to prime your body for the transition off of it.
Some topics included in this live event:

-Myths of birth control

-Secret Side effects/WTF Facts

-What about IUDs?

-Non hormonal BC options

-How to speak to your partner

-Priming your body to get off the pill


Here is what you get in the masterclass:

  • July 25th 7PM EST: live teaching in private group, recording will be available for those that cannot attend live

  • July 27th 6PM EST: Q&A opportunity in private group

  • Masterclass journal prompt worksheet

  • Lifetime access to call recordings

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