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If there was ONE THING that had influence over your brain, creativity, productivity, ability to communicate effectively and overall mood-- you'd be sure to factor that into your business strategy, right?!

REAL TALK: for countless women there is a core component that has a HUGE influence in how they run their business and it's being completely IGNORED.

👉🏼Ignoring this one thing can result in stress, burn out or even quitting your business.

👉🏼Living in alignment with this one thing will guarantee a wave of guilt to be lifted off your shoulders, you will operate at an effortless pace and experience major success with less stress.

The secret to running a business that leaves you fulfilled and excited instead of resentful and
burnt out is prioritizing your CYCLE.

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and that's what the Menstrual Mogul Method will teach you how to do.


You're probably thinking: what does my cycle have to do with my business? 
My answer: EVERYTHING.

Your hormonal health is considered the 5th vital sign in your body. It's has influence over how your brain operates, the mood you're in, the energy you have and countless other factors. How could you NOT take that into account with your approach to business?!

Futhermore, if you're a menstruating woman, your body goes through FOUR PHASES in the course of your cycle. Each phase has tendencies or what I like to call 'superpowers'. When you are participating in tasks or habits that are out of alignment with whatever phase you find yourself in--stress is bound to ensue.

Tell me if you've ever experienced this:

There are times when you feel like creating content is effortless, you have Energizer Bunny level of productivity and you are connecting with absolutely dream clients left and right in your DM's! You tell yourself "FINALLY, keep up this productivity girl, this feels GOOD!"

A few weeks go by and you find yourself distracted and wanting to focus on menial tasks that have been lingering on your to-do list. You withdrawal from chatting too much in your DM's and everything in general just seems to slow down. You beat yourself up because you are wondering where that 'productive magic' went. You call yourself 'inconsistent' and wonder "what is wrong with me?!"

Sound familiar?

Time to change the narrative, honey!


For too long we've been expected to hustle and show up with the same amount of energy each and every day. Our bodies were not physically made to work that way. This leaves women constantly working against the current of their cyclical nature and leading to the epidemic of burn out we find ourselves in today.


Tell me what it would mean to you if you:​

  • no longer equated your level of productivity each day with your worth

  • were able to immensely remove guilt around what you did or didn't do on the reg

  • could be consistent AF with tasks involving your business 

  • stopped feeling so 'busy' & felt more in control of your schedule

  • could achieve more success than you ever imagined, without the stress

Menstrual Mogul (Email Header).png

You can have all of this and MORE with the Menstrual Mogul Method- an 8 week course that will teach you the method to running your business that's EXCLUSIVE to women. 

Modules will include (but are not limited to):

  • Cycle Tracking 101

  • The 4 Phases of the Cycle & Their Superpowers

  • The Menstrual Mogul Method Launch & Content Calendar

  • Creating Offers with Your Phases

  • Email Marketing with Your Phases

  • Content Creating with Your Phases

  • Menstrual Mogul Self Care

  • The Menstrual Mogul Mindset

+ LIVE calls for hot seat coaching & questions.

The Menstrual Mogul Method cart officially opens September 19th.

To get early access and discount pricing- join the waitlist below!

BONUS: when you join this list you will get the Period Power Plays-- a guide to optimize your business during the menstrual phase of your cycle.

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