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the menstrual recipe list

Let me've been made to feel that painful cramps, heavy periods, mood swings, cravings or any other PMS symptoms that almost 75% of women deal with is 'JUST NORMAL', right?!

Time to shake up the narrative, babe.

While these pesky symptoms are common, they are not normal. And thousands of women are walking around every month feeling like crap, when a lot of these side effects can be helped by FOOD! 

Did you know there are 4 phases to your monthly cycle & each phase has preferences for different types of foods and movement?!


And guess what: when you eat & move in SYNC with your cycle, A LOT of those annoying PMS or painful period symptoms diminish or completely go away! 


I teach women how to track, as well as eat & workout in sync with each phase of their cycle inside my signature course Feed Your Phase

But if you want to just dip your toes into the cycle syncing world, get started with the recipes in this free meal plan that benefit and support what's happening on the inside the week of your period!

The Menstrual Recipe List includes 11 pages filled with recipes, instructions & a shopping list that is perfect to incorporate during your period.

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